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DTS Problem on Yamaha -1400sarandon2
Pioneer 812K or Yamaha HTR-5660 or Onkyo ???sarandon3
Yam 795 - lost center channelmax smart1
H/k 230 for Klipsch LaScala? :-)Peter Galbraith12
Hawk you threw me for a loopHawk8
Receiver For My Boston Acoustics (from a newbie)Hawk7
A/V receivers a flawed concept indeed...Robert Gatt7
Harman/kardon 230 new or 325 refurb?Peter Galbraith7
Looking for a new A/R receiver..................please help!!My Rantz4
Question about Paradigm Monitor 7 and Rotel RSX-1055AdrianaC10
Video Up-conversionBlazer2
Hawk and others: I need help creating a 7.1 system from scratchPeter Galbraith17
Ohm questionDarryl Meister6
Can Denon 1804 power B&W 602s3? ThanksJusin1
Laid back receivers w/liad back receiversKev58
Inwall speaker A/V Receiver QuestionAdrianaC1
DVDR & Digital Audiogeekboy2
Which eq to choose for the ypao function on the yamaha 1400eduardo1
How much space above receiverG.DawG2
My Semi-Complete Review of the Pioneer Elite 59TXiG.DawG2
HD RadioJohn A.6
A Receiver for B&W 602,601,LCR600Anonymous3
Pioneer VSX-D712 vs Kenwood 5560ENRIQUE EVANGELISTA1
College student needs advice with choosing a new stereo setupreclermo7
Pioneer VSX-55TXi vs. H/K AVR7200Hawk18
Magnepan mmg for HTHawk5
Speakers for HK130?Deepak Khullar12
Listened to NAD 753 and Magnepans...Seamus2
RXV 3300 VS RX Z1 Sam Sam7
EliteFan help need info on Pioneer VSX2012K therealelitefan5
Marantz sr6300 annoying "click" soundnew to forum10
Problem,B&K PT3 Series II PreampKEGGER1
Receivers with DTS 96/24John A.10
Wife Acceptance Factor increases for silver -- lower-end receiver s...Jon Sher39
Better Sony STR-DE895/S or Pioneer VSX-D812/Sscratchee4
NAD 742 - Sub-woofer on DSP modesDaniel Benatar3
NAd 742 and MMG'sclayton15
HK 4550 VS Yamaha 740Landroval2
Pioneer Elite 45txgeekboy7
RS-232 PortJason Hall4
Very high shipping cost from US dealers to Canada?Peter Galbraith7
Marantz with mission vs nad with psbIlker A.5
Receivers with bass and treble knobs?EWAN KADITO4
Best for $350 or less?Peter Galbraith2
[Used] Pioneer Elite SVX-24TX or Yamaha RX-V1000/995?Ed Ng30
Is pioneer elite vsx41 a good choice?Peter Galbraith3
Help HK AVR 525 or HK DPR 1001Don6
Monitor Silver / Axiom / Polk with Yamahatherealelitefan4
Need receiver for Klispch speakersPeter Galbraith14
NAD soft clipping: any reason to switch off?Will D12
Is that a good receiver ??? JVC RX-6030V ? Please help !! URGENT !!! Hawk7
Stereo Cabinet crashes!Hawk6
Harmon KardonHeff10
Any Help Appericated SONY STR-DE945 IR CodesCharles Charmatz1
Elitefan I have some distrubing news about the 47txJohnny6
Right speakers for Yamaha V1400/V2400???Sam Sam5
Internet BuyingDaveC6
Lost my right front channel - help!Dave W3
Any experiences with downtown audioAnonymous7
HK 7200 and SpeakersEric4
Home Test - H/K, Yamaha, NADEwan Kadito15
Need help for speaker set-up from knowledgeable Marantz SR7300 ownerMy Rantz2
NAD + Wharfedale?Goose4
Hawk and others....Magnepan 1.6 review/updateRick Barnes3
"Refurbished" ReceiversPeter Galbraith2
Music for Dummies Questiongeekboy2
NAD T753 or Pioneer elite VSX53TX?Darryl Meister21
Nad to psb vs nad to kefJohn A.6
Paradigm Studio 40series & cc470Anonymous2
Speakers for Marantz SR6300Anonymous3
Nad upgrades in future?thearthurclone1
Nad S170i Sarround pre amp/S250 5channel ampBob Anderson6
Speakers for Marantz 5300Ed15
Denon 1804 or Onkyo 601?James Lee2
I need a receiver for Bose II 10James Lee2
On the market...any final words??James Lee2
Noob trying to narrow down receiver choices at $700Steven9
Help !?!?!? Need advice on matching receiver to speakersHenry Sparks11
Center channel placementJohn A.19
Directly from KEFRandy McIntyre5
H/k AVR-325 video for second zone?Peter Galbraith11
Help t752 ownersJohn A.5
LFE between marantz 6400 and def techsNC AV2
College Kid needs some advice....Teddy Jones1
Final Plans, changes welcomeChris Morgan1
$$$ Paradigm signature S4 & C3Steven2
What are speaker spikes for?Steven3
Yamaha RXV-2400 -versus- Denon AVR-3803??J. B. Ross61
Just Purchased Marantz and B&W - sounds very goodDan Z4
NAD from
Websites for Audio FurnitureIgor Peretic3
NAD with PSB or B&W - I'm confusedSeamus6
Upgrade HKAVR225 to HKAVR630??????Allan Williamson1
DVD Audio -VS- SACD ??John A.4
Turntable hookup??John A.2
Help!! expert advice needed to match Jamo speakers!Santiago1
Get thumping noise as Reciever goes thru audio modes. Help PlsBill N1
Getting mad on my marantz SR7400 and Audigy ZSDennis1
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