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Hi, I am back, haven't been on in awhile. Last time I was here I was having trouble with my HK. Just want to say I got everything working fine now. I just upgraded my system, I have the HKAVR7200, and now have mission M5C, Mission M53 fronts, Mission M5C rear center, and mission M5DS rears. I think this system is amazing. I also run the Velodyne CHT-10. I just want to let others know I sell home theater gear for a living and we sell denon, yamaha, marantz, sony es and parasound. We don't carry HK. I have owned or listened to the previous manufacturers thoroughly and have to say they are all decent products. I do like the marantz and the denons the best. The reason I bought the HK is that I use to sell them and have to admit I was always impressed by them. I have heard the elites, NAD, onkyos and what not as well, but I find the HK's to be most impressive. The looks are fantastic, the sound is amazing, and they are easy to use. I also have to say my mission speakers are incredible as well. They are very smooth and clear and the velodyne really compliments them. I have done a tremendous amount of reasearch and have tried or owned lots of equipment. But I have finally found a system that I truly love. The sound is amazing. My advice to anyone is to listen to opinions of others, and just do as much research as you can. Everyone has different opinions or different usages. If anyone in Canada or the US has any questions to ask me about the electronics business, or electronics in general please ask me. I can tell you about good equipment, good prices or whatever. I just wanted to share my happiness with my equipment with all you guys, and I hope you guys all find a system that will bring you as much joy as my system does. One last thing, don't underspend, buy the best equipment you can afford. It's not worth cheaping out, cause you will regret it sooner or later. Till then.

Happy Hunting!!

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Tremendous post! I congratulate you on finding the system that works for you. I am still getting there, but I am close.

I was very intrigued by your pairing of the Missions with the H/K receiver. It is not a combo I have ever thought of as Mission was distributed through Denon USA until a few months ago, and when Denon stopped distributing the Missions, Missions became very hard to find in this country. This was unfortunate as Mission makes a very fine speaker and more of us in North America should have some access to hearing them. I really like them (I currently own a pair of M71s, used for some applications). Now that Mission has set up its own distributor here in the US, hopefully we will have more of an opportunity to check them out.

Again, congrats on a great system and thanks for the very informative post!
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