Right speakers for Yamaha V1400/V2400???


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I have decided on getting a Yamaha RX-V1400 or V2400 for a long overdue Home Theater upgrade.

I know there are lots of STRONG opinions one way or the other about Yamaha -- but let's leave that out and just assume I like them and want to find the right speakers for them. (Although I am welcoming opinions among those who know both the V1400 and V2400 as to whether the V2400 is worth the extra money).

I am trying to determine the right speakers for my use.

MOSTLY VIDEO - Maybe 75% DVD's
25% TV and VHS
5% music.

I have an old set of Infinity SR5's with my old Yamaha Receiver and they are fine, but I am assuming I will not use them in the better system.

Budget: $1500 to $2000 for speakers (does that sound right?)

The room is about 18' by 25' with 9 foot ceilings, hard wood floors and an oriental carpet in the center.

I have read opinions about the Yamaha being very bright and the need to match a warm speaker with it. I won't pretend to know the difference, so opinions are welcome.

Have listened to some Monitor Silver 8 speakers at CC and they sounded nice with a Yamaha V2400 they were using for demo. The Klipsch and Energy speakers they were pushing didn't sound as clean to me (I heard more movie detail and clarity in the Silvers). But they have a limited configuration for test and clearly, for each speaker maker, different speakers in their line will have different appeal.

The Silver's are pretty pricy and as much as I liked them, I doubt I can fit them within the budget, so I wonder about the Bronze series which were not available for demo.

I also have given a lot of thought to Polk speakers -- good price point RTi series with maybe the CSi center speaker. Some good reviews for that (not their R series).

Also read a lot here about the Axiom speakers. They seem to have a very good reputation and price point, but I have no idea how they would go with the Yamaha?


1) Opinions of Yamaha V2400 vs V1400?

2) How important is it to have the full set of speakers from the same product line?

3) How important is the quality of the surround speakers? Could I use my old Infinity SR5 towers as surround speakers so I can put more $ into the other speakers? Or if I go with 6.1 or 7.1, maybe the Infinites as rear speakers?

4) Would you guys rate the Monitor Silvers as warm or bright? Same question for the Polk RTi's? Same question for the Axiom speakers?

5) Anyone have opinion on the Monitor Silver 6 vs 8? And how they go with Yamaha in my setup?

6) Thoughts on Axiom with Yamaha?

7) Thoughts on Polk with Yamaha?

8) Other good speakers for Yamaha?

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I've read in previous discussions that PSB speakers, with their warm sound characteristics, do well with the sometimes bright sounding v1400/2400 receivers.
Look at the PSB Image line for great Price/Performance offerings. Follow this link for more info: http://www.psbspeakers.com/HomeTheaterST.html

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freak (I love addressing someone by this moniker):

I would agree with Chris that the PSB speakers would be an excellent choice. Another very good choice that sounds very similar is Paradigm.

Both Monitor Audio and Axiom are very poor choices for the Yamaha. You see, Yamaha has a slight exaggeration in the upper midrange (2-4Khz). It allows them to sound very detailed and exciting in the store. However, once you take one home, you will get very tired of listening (listener fatigue) if you get the wrong speakers. MAs are very forward and a little on the bright side, same for Axioms. None of this is bad, in and of itself. but if you put the Yamaha together with a bright speaker, you will get a serious exaggeration of this upper midrange band and it can begin to sound like fingernails scratching a chalkboard after awhile. Very unnerving. Instead, the PSBs or Paradigms are a much better match as they have a much more gentle upper midrange which will soften the Yamaha's tendencies here. And, they are just as detailed as the MAs and Axioms, but they aren't so "in your face" about it, either.

I can't comment on the Polk RTi's as I haven't heard them--I just spoke with my local Polk dealer about the RTi series and he hates them. Wouldn't even demo them for me (and he does sell Yamaha), so I don't know.


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Is B&W 300 series a good choice for Yamaha RX-V1400?

What about JBL Northridge series?


Sam Sam
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what about B&w 600 for Yamaha rx-v3200
and what about the RX-V2400 VS' RX-V3200
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