Laid back receivers w/liad back receivers


Tony G
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What is supposed to happen to the sound quality when a laid back receiver is paired with laid back speakers? A lot of people on this board seem to think that for example a Marantz should't be paired with B&W, but walk into almost any store that sells B&W, and they will also sell and recommend Marantz with B&W.

Tony G
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Obviously I meant to say laid back receivers with laid back speakers. Sorry

Jerry Seinfeld
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good question

Sam Of Chicago
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I wonder why you formed this confusion. I have Marantz 7300OSE feeding my B&W 703s floors and HTM7 Center and the sound is amazing both a low volumes and high cranking.

Marantz is very musical. It will not pierce your ears with bright shrills.

Infact, Dr. Hawk felt it is a killer system/combination. And Hawk is an informed guy.

Go ahead, you'll enjoy it.

Tony G
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Sam of Chicago: It is true that Hawk did not actually criticize the Marantz/B&W combo but I don't think he finds it "a killer combination" as you state. I think Hawk suggested (even strongly perhaps) that it would be better to find more forward sounding speakers like Monitor Audios. But it is true that sound is subjective, and Hawk is very generous with his time.

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The local B&W dealer in my area sells Marantz Pioneer and Rotel. They really like Marantz paired with B&W's 600 and even the CM series speakers.

Sam Sam
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What about Yamaha DSP-AZ2 OR RX-V2400 FOR THE
B&W 602

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I think in theory a laid back receiver paired with laid back speakers would produce a somewhat boring and non-involving sound.

However, sound is very subjective which is why you should listen to various combinations yourself.

In my situation, I already owned PSB Image speakers (which I found sounded very bright with my older Yamaha receiver) so I wanted a new receiver that calmed the brightness but kept the detail.

I auditioned various receivers, took advice from this board, and in the end purchased what sounded best to my ears.

My final choice was the Marantz 7300ose (even over the NAD T752 and T763 which I thought would be my first choice from everything I had read. I am also impressed with the build quality and the looks of the NAD equipment).

Many would consider the Marantz/PSB combination too laid back but in my opinion it is an excellent combination that is incredibly detailed and never fatiguing.

There are excellent opinions and advise on this board which I found very helpful in narrowing down my search.

From there I let my ears decide.
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