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Anyone out there know anything about the RX-Z1 and the RXV3300? Why is the RX-Z1 twice the price of the RXV3300? When you look at the specifications, very simular other than Receiver weight. Rxv3300 is 48.5lbs and the RX-Z1 is 61.7lbs. I can purchase the 3300 for $1300. canadian, as for the Z1 over $2700. Is the RX Z1 that much better? Will the 3300 be a good choice to power my Paradigm mon 7s ? Would I notice a big difference if I stepped up to the RX-Z1 ? The Nad seems to be very popular with the Paradigms, but seem to have alot of people up in the air over fan noise. I still have a hard time trying to figure out why these people can't build a receiver without a fan??? Seems to be a HOT TOPIC!!! T762 vs RXV3300 OR T773 VS RX-Z1. $1300. VS $2700.

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The 3300 is made by the normal receiver group--in fact, it is really their top of the line, but the Z1 is made by a special group looking to make a "no holds barred" flagship receiver. In this case, the Z1 benefits from a larger number of output transistors, with a higher power rating, than contained by the 3300, plus a much better power supply. Also has a couple more circuit boards for additional digital processing. The sound is warmer and fuller, too. I think it sounds significantly better, IMHO, than the 3300. However, most of the cost to the consumer is not for these improvements, but for the prestige of owning the top of the line Yamaha. The real differences should only be about $200, not twice the price--but Yamaha knows there are a good number of buyers who will pony up the extra cash for the bragging rights.

Fans in receivers: Let's see. If you have a receiver with 6 or 7 separate amplifiers with ~100 wpc, biased toward Class A sound (runs much hotter, but the sound is much cleaner and more dynamic), all stuffed into a rather small box, don't you think it is going to get a little hot? Now, you can get away without a fan (or four of them as my new 753 has), but it probably means you will have to cut the power supply down by a factor of 1/2, change the biasing of the amp toward Class B, and even cut the number of output transistors from three or four per channel down to two or one. Yeah, thats the ticket! That gives you an Onkyo 900, rated at 125 wpc x 7, but when tested can only put our 54 wpc before clipping! So it can be done (but is it worth the price?).

BTW, I have yet to even hear the fans on my new NAD 753, and I have been driving it pretty hard at times. Frankly, I never give them a moments thought.

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Please can I have your opinion regarding a different between RX-V2400 AND DSP-AZ2 (it has Front Effect channels and RS-232C Interface for Custom Installation==== do I need them)

1. is the 2400 newer and better model then the 3300
2. In this forum you are telling that we should not trust the Yamahas numbers regarding the output is it true for the AZ2 ALSO

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Hi Hawk,
Does the RX-Z1 have fans cooling it? Would the RX-Z1 sound as good with my paradigms as for say the Nad T773. I think both these receivers can be had for 2700 canadian. Are these receivers overkill for my Paradigms? If they are? what paradigms would match up well with these receivers? With in mind moving my M7s to the rear and upgrading my fronts. Your Input would be helpful. As you can tell I like the Yamaha RX-Z1 and also the T773.

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1. Yes, I believe the Z1 does have cooling fans (I could be wrong here as it has been a few months since I looked at one, but that is my recollection);

2. The Z1 would sound very good with Paradigms, but an NAD 763 would sound even better at half the cost. There is something about the NAD/Paradigm combo that is just magical, IMHO. And the better the Paradigm, the better the combo sounds. I am particularly fond of the Paradigm Studios with the NADs, but the Monitor line also really benefits from the more dynamic NAD amps. The NAD 773 would have a little more power than the 763, and it is a 7.1 instead of 6.1 receiver (if that matters at all), but otherwise it is pretty much the same receiver. Either way, an NAD is a great choice for your speakers. But, the Yamaha Z1 is also a good combo--I just don't like it as well. See below for my thought on the 3300.

Sam Sam:

The Yamaha x400 line represented a real step forward, IMO, over the earlier x300s (such as the 3300). I found the x300s to be rather bright sounding, caused by an exaggeration of the upper midrange (2-4Khz). This generally sounded great in the store where the Yamaha sounded more detailed and lively, but after 60 minutes of listening at home, and I was ready to tear my hair out. This brightness induced serious listener fatigue and I didn't enjoy my home test of the Yamaha, at all (the 2300). And my speakers cannot be described as bright in any way.

The x400s are improved, from what I am able to gather, by offering a slightly better power supply and better rated output transistors. The overall sound is not nearly so bright and it actually sounds much closer to a Denon than almost any other receiver.

As for the AZ2, I cannot help you. I have not seen one at my local Yamaha dealers, much less played around with one. I will not speculate on products--this is really too important, so I leave it to you to find out if it meets your needs.

Good luck!

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Thank you
the Z2 has 2 Front Effect channels and secend suwoofer would I hear the difference

Sam Sam
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I meant ....second subwoofer....
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