Paradigm Studio 40series & cc470


Bob Anderson
Unregistered guest
Would Paradigm Studio 40 and CC470 center go well with my monitor 7s. I love my M7s, and wonder if the Studio sereis are that much better? Fronts being the Studio 40s ,center cc470, rears monitor 7s. My sub is a PW2200. Or : Should I stay with the monitor series and use the 7s for the fronts and go with the M5s for the rears? Anyone have any suggestions? Oh, Receiver will be a Nad T763 or T773.

For what it's worth, at Thanksgiving I auditioned Monitor 9s and Studio 60s (v2). I was looking for a pair of front L/R channels. I could hear the difference; the studios were fuller, specifically developing a better overall sound stage. To be honest, I was expecting to purchase the Monitor 9s -- they were in my budget range, I had previously auditioned them and held them in high regard. However, the dealer was clearing out his Studio v2s and offered the Studio 60s at a price that made me rethink my plan. The deal was clinched when my wife noted she could tell the difference and she acknowledges that she is not critical a listener as I am.
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