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I want to buy a DVDR with a hard disk, progressive scan, and no TIVO. The Panasonic DMR-E80H seems to be a good choice, but it does not have any digital audio IN ports. The Zenith XBH312 says it records in 5.1 dolby, yet it too does not appear to have digital audio IN ports.

1. How can you record digital dolby if you only have analog L+R IN ports?
2. Are there audio copyright restrictions which prevent manufacturers from building DVD recorders with digital audio IN - much like why we there is no component video IN on DVD recorders?

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MG: I believe the majority of this is related to copyright protections but not an enforceable law or provision.

1. You cannot record any digital format. (Exception: unless it's coming off-air. Off-air broadcasts currently use Dolby Digital for multi-channel surround. DTS is not supported by most HDTV broadcasts and probably won't because of bandwidth requirements.)

2. I don't know if the copyright restrictions prevent them from doing it, but, apparently, Panasonic chose not to get involved. Just think, if you were able to record a DVD in perfection... digital soundtrack and all and then write it to another DVD. Now you have an exact digital copy! (Side Note: My DVR allows me to record my DVDs. I cannot, however, record the digital audio, but it's nice to be able to watch my DVDs from anywhere in the house over the network.)

There's good reason for the manufacturers not to get caught up in the Copyright laws. Case in point... a company called SonicBlue. They make the ReplayTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR). They went bankrupt and are just coming out of it. They had to make so many concessions with the content owners it's not funny! (Luckily, I have ONE pre-lawsuit box which still has all the original functionality.)

I think that the other high-tech manufacturers saw what the industry did to SonicBlue and are now careful with DVRs and Hard Disk Recorders (HDRs). I'm sure TiVo was laughing to the bank when SonicBlue got pinched. SonicBlue, IMHO, had a better product. I have 2 ReplayTV boxes and a Server running in my home and it's just awesome to be able to watch anything, anywhere, anytime.
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