Hawk and others....Magnepan 1.6 review/update


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Hi Hawk,
Congrats on the new NAD753. I wish you many hours of listening pleasure.

Well the Maggies arrived, but let me give you all some background info first, as this may be the end result in a 34 year quest. Yes I have been an audio buff(I never liked the term audiophile, because many people look upon you as a snob, when you get into high end gear)for 34 years. Don't pull off your shoes and socks people-yes this makes me 50 something. Over the years I have owned everything from esoteric high end gear to Mid-Fi to No-Fi.

I have always been blessed with two things,a wonderful wife and family who understand that there is no treatment or cure for my audio addiction, and good health that let's me earn a better than average living.

My current system is:
Aragon 8008x3 amp (front and center)
Acurus 200x3 amp (rear channels)
Proceed AVP 5.1 DD/DTS pre-pro
Toshiba 3107 DVD player
California Audio Labs CD
Def/Tech BP30 (l/r front)
Def/Tech CLR1000 (center)
Def/Tech BP10 (l/r rear)
Velodyne F1500 servo sub
Kimber PBJ interconnects
Mapleshade Helix speaker wire

The listening room is 18'x18' w/15' ceiling.

When the maggies arrived I took them out of the box, set them up, took the BP30's out of the chain, wired them up. I then put blankets over the speakers (very carefully), fired up the electronics, threw in a cd on loop and let them burn in for 4 days. After that time I took off the blankets, moved them approx 2' from the back wall, toed them in towards the preferred listening spot. For the purpose of this demo/review I set up the pre-pro for 2 channel stereo with the sub off. I put a favorite ref CD in the player, sat down and hit play. The sound that I started to experience was beyond belief. It actually startled me. Not in a slap in the face sort of way, more like a seductive kiss on the cheek. I suddenly again found why I got into audio in the first place. THIS SOUND. I'm not going to boor you all because you probably have read the reviews. They are right. These are the best speakers I have ever experienced in MY home.
Amazing detail and clarity, huge soundstage, pin point imaging. No other speaker I know of can give you this YOU ARE THERE experience.

Hawk, I want to thank you because I only thought of Magnepan again as a choice because of a post you did about 8 months ago.

I will continue to let these speakers burn in, but it's scary to think may sound even better. If any one would like additional input- please drop a post.

Thanks again Hawk. I may finally be at the end of my audio quest.

PS I wonder how these puppies would sound with a tube amp?????????


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Super post! I am really happy I could help. But I am also excited as I know the joy those speakers are going to provide you. I had the same experience even with the little MMGs. It is truly amazing technology. Even better, you have the other equipment that will bring out the best in those speakers. That is an exceptionally nice system.


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Thanks buddy, I'm glad you could share in my excitement. I feel like a kid again. I may just keep this room for music only and move the HT gear to another room. I have a NAD T770 in the closet that I keep as a backup in case an amp or pre-pro goes down. I may use it with the Acurus for HT. I'll keep you posted.
Keep up the great work-and stay well !

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