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Hey everyone. I'm a freshman at Texas Tech Universtiy, and just recently my 3 year old a/v receiver (yamaha HTR-5460) that I purchased from Best Buy (AKA Worst Purchase)decided to kick the bucket. I brought the reciever into the store to have it fixed by the extended warranty I purchased, and after 3 weeks they called me to confirm that the unit was unrepairable and I needed to come pick out a new replacement. Great! Newer model,better features, no problem, right?. Wrong. I came to find out that since I had purchased the receiver on my employee discount for $300 instead of the the full $500, I can olny pick out a new replacement not the exceed the original purchase price of $300. The model which I am to receive is this uct&productCategoryId=cat03031 The equivelant newer model of my old receiver is right here uct&productCategoryId=cat03031 In my opinion this is a rather crappy trade. There aren't even any S-video inputs on the stupid thing. Anyway, I think that I will just take the one they give me and sell it online. I have figured that with selling that and winning at poker for the next 6 weeks I could get something for around $350.

Enough of my whining. I have 4 JBL-S38's as my front and rear speakers, JBL s-center channel, and a JBL-PB12 12" sub. All this is neatly packed into my tiny little dorm room.

After countless hours of very thourough research I have become infinitly overwhelmed by the possibilities for a new receiver. I mostly used my old receiver to listen to music (all genres, but mostly rock,rap and classical), but i would like to have a nice home theatre setup for when I move out.

Could anyone give me some good advice on a receiver that would be a good match for my speakers? I would like my new reciever to be better than the old "cold sounding" yamaha, but I understand that $350 won't go very far in terms of quality. I would be willing to wait and save for a while if there is something that you think of that would be worth the while. Thanks for your advice! Wreck em Tech!
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