Nad to psb vs nad to kef


psb image and the kef q series. inputs please thankyou

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I can't speak to the NAD/KEF combo, but I have an NAD T762 and PSB Image speakers and the combo is absolutely wonderful. The PSB's bring out the detail and clarity of the NAD receiver very well. They are also very reasonably priced and are in my opinion, truly a "best buy" in the price range. I have also heard the NAD/Paradigm combo and it is wonderful as well, in case you want some more alternatives.

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I have heard both NAD & Marantz paired up with KEF Q3, Q5, Q7 in the same room.

I enjoyed listening to the Q7 but was less fond of the other two. Also in case you care, the construction quality of the Q-Series is just so-so at best.

I end up getting B&Ws, which IMHO is another good match with NAD.

thanks, what is IMHO i heard people use it. I dont mind the BnW but the price is higher here in Bangkok, thailand. the q series the q1 with the q2 are not well buit what type of problems are we talking here. i heard it with the marantz i wanted to try it with NAD. it souded quite good. i was thinking about the mission too when i heard the q series, sounded full to me. thanks for your input.

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IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

There is nothing wrong with the sound. I just found the workmanship not as nice compared to the B&W 600 series. Among other things, the veneer finish wasn't glued on that well, and the edges were actually starting to peel off on the dealer's demo unit (I'm sure they took alot of abuse though).

My friend & I both found the Q7 sounds better than B&W 603 S3. And they are roughly the same price in North America. He bought the Q7 & I got B&W. The KEFs are made in China, whereas B&Ws are still made in England. It was *the* deciding factor for me.

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KEF build quality used to be first class. The only current model I am familar with is the KHT 2005.2 and that is excellent, too. They are really heavy and solidly built, with superb cable connectors. But they are aluminium and not wood veneer, so it could just be different for the current Q series. I read somewhere here that the top-range KEF Maidstone is still made there.
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