Elitefan I have some distrubing news about the 47tx


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Elitefan thank you for the infromation you have given me about the 2012k. The reason why i need you now is that my friend at Tweeter here in Dallas is selling a Pioneer VSX-47TX for under $1000 and i had just downloaded the manual. the manual clearly states in bold lettering that you should play speakers 6 to 16 ohm. so why did you say that the 47tx can play 4 ohm speakers when the manual says you cant? and which receiver can play 4 ohm speakers

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I don't recall ever saying that about the 47. I know I'm getting old and my memory is going but I don't think I ever made any comments about Elite's and 4 ohm loads. If I did and you can tell me when I would appreciate knowing. I know we have had a few postings back and forth but I can't recall what speakers you are using. I assume they are 4 ohm or you wouldn't be asking about this. NAD will drive 4 ohm speakers and I think Rotel can to. Even though the 47 manual says to use 6 ohm and up I would like to try it with 4 ohm speakers just to see what would happen, but then again I would hate to blow up such a great receiever or damage my speakers. Under $1000 for the 47 is a steal.

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I don't know about that model specifically, but I do know that sometimes the manufacturer will put that in the manuals and such just as sort of a "cover your a**" sort of thing. Then, in the event that something does happen, the manufacturer can say "see, we told you not to do that". However, I know of a few different receivers that say clearly "8 ohm only" that can drive 4 ohms with ease. For example, I think Hawk said the NAD T742/743 can drive 4 ohms, even though it says not to. And, I think I remember reading on a thread a few months back about someone trying 4 ohms with a HK 525. It is printed "8 ohm only" on the rear panel of the receiver, but when this person called HK directly, the service tech told him that it could indeed handle 4 ohms.

Like I said, I don't know about this model specifically, but just because "8 ohm only" is printed in the manual does not necessarily mean you can't. I know that the 47 has tons of power and would probably have no problems with 4 ohms.

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Yea, Im wondering.. Does he have more than just one at this price? Are you buying it for sure? Let me know, thanks
You can email me at jeffrey.plous@colorado.edu

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Just a point of clarification. The NAD T743 manual states that it can drive 4 ohms. There are posts here stating the T742 can drive 4 ohm speakers although NAD does not "endorse" such behavior.

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Thanks for the clarification. I assumed the 743 was similar to the 742...but you know what happens when we assume....
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