NAD with PSB or B&W - I'm confused


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The longer I continue my research into the HT set-up I want to build, the more exciting it gets; but the level of confusion also rises ! I've pretty much decided on the NAD T763 - the speakers are the difficult choice. (I know a lot of people recommend getting the speakers first, but...)
I thought the local PSB distributor didn't carry the Image line here, but now have been informed otherwise (apparently, there are some cosmetic changes in the offing, and they'll start ordering post that). In the meantime, based on advice from this forum, I auditioned the B&W DM 300 series, though with a Rotel since the retailer doesn't stock NAD. Needless to say, they sounded excellent.
Here's my question : which does NAD pair better with - a PSB Image combination (4T fronts, 8C, 2B surrounds, SubSonic 6) or the B&W DM 300 series (DM 309 fronts, 303 surrounds, ASW 300, LCR 3) ? My listening habit is 70% music.
Appreciate all advice.

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Both sets of speakers are nice. I think in most cases with a different receiver, I would suggest the B&W's. I have a NAD T761 receiver with PSB Stratus Gold Fronts(I know these don't compare to the 4T's, but read on), an 8C Center and Vienna Acoustic Waltz rears I'm not currently running a sub at this time because of issues with my neighbors. I love the sound for both 2ch audio and 5.1 surround. I looked at B&W when I was researching a set-up and I found out something interesting. Apparently there is a very close relationship between PSB and NAD. My buddy works at Dolby Laboratories and knows for a fact that NAD and PSB have a very close relationship. They share equipment for testing. So it's almost like PSB and NAD were made for each other.

One thing to think about is space. Just the center alone is so different in size. The 8C is "HUGE" for a center speaker.

I didn't opt for the PSB 2B surrounds because they huge and didn't really have the range I was looking for. I listen to 2ch audio with all four speakers running in stereo mode. I'm not sure about the B&W surrounds, maybe someone else can help you with that.

This is what I know, this is my opinion. I would try to get a listen and compare both. The ears don't lie.

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Axiom is another good speaker - they sell direct cutting out the middleman, so they can offer more quality for the buck. Read all the raving reviews here -

If you want to buy, this place has better prices -
Search for "axiom" and the M3ti is a good model.

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Jason is correct. PSB and NAD do have a "special relationship"...they are owned by the same parent company. You are correct in saying that they share equipment for testing. I also have NAD and PSB, and like you, absolutely love the combo. I believe that they are "made for each other" also. I have Image 2B's as fronts, and the 9c as center. Jason is correct about the size of the speakers...the 8c by itself is very large...but my 9c is even bigger. For surrounds, I think the 2B's might be a little large. I would suggest you look at the 1B's instead. Also, the 4T and 8C all have 5 1/4 in does the 1B. The 2B has 6 1/2 inch drivers. It might be better to keep the driver size the go for the 1B for surrounds...they will match perfectly and you will save a little coin too.


Just hooked up my NAD T753 with PSB 5T (mains)and an 8C (center). Not running a sub yet. Threw a couple of old DCM bookshelves as the back two surrounds. Still breaking the PSB's in but am very happy so far. Given the problems listed in this forum, I'm very sensitive to finding any little bug in the NAD - been happy at the start.

I went with the PSB's from Which provided excellent service. I went with the 8C over the 9C due to size constraints under my TV. Am looking at the Image 1B's from as future surrounds down the line. Music is awesome but I'm thinking the sub should be next in line (HSU/SVS possible).

Got the NAD from a dealer after going to an internet site who abruptly cancelled my order, charged my card, told me twice that it would take 48 hours for a refund and still hasn't been credited back yet. ( So I probably paid another $90 from a dealer but feel it was worth it.

One guy's experience in the last week.

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Thanks for the advice guys. Will probably wait till the local distributor gets the Image series.
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