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$1000 receiver to compliment totem arros?Canuck11
YAMAHA RX-V 750 vs ONKYO TX-SR602 vs MARANTZ SR5500??bandi3
HK 430/Denon 1905/HK 135, which for meconfused in vernon5
Pioneer VSX-D514 anyone have this?DDBlues3
Subwoofer questionedster9222
Need a receiverfallsinquestion3
Onkyo tx-ds797 trying to use center channel output.Rex3
Help me decideBrian Healey5
Home Theater Help NeededShan1
Very Strange Random Noise - Any Ideas???Patrick Brown4
Onkyo TXNR801 for $600 deliveredjeff obregon1
Constant tone coming from my new receiverNC AV2
Onkyo TX-SR702BIsaac2
Heart attack!Canuck7
How do I use a Mic?Kevin J.6
Best place to sell a used receiver?Berny2
Yamaha RX-V750 or Onkyo TX-SR602 for wharfedale 8.4?azz1
Arcam avr200Anonymous1
Yamaha receiver RX-V470 still keeps shutting off hopethisworks2
Any thoughts on Marantz SR5500 for MA Bronze speakersFalp5
Sony STR-DE597 receiver questions?Kevin J.4
Upgrade from Pioneer VSX-1014?Xsound2
Yamaha HTR-5760 vs. Kenwood VR-8070Berny7
Onkyo SR602, PSB speakers Image 5T's front, Image 9C center, Image ...602 too2
Question about new receiverBerny2
Receiver to go with athena setKano2
Need a Reciever Fastedster9226
2 RCA Inputs but only one worx!!Biotechie1
Onkyo Receiver Standby questionjay keck1
Sony STR-DE597 receiver questions?Luka Zivkovic5
B-A PV700 vs Pioneer VSX-D1S receiverRob Chew1
Receiver for Paradigm speakersd lowe18
Receiver for Klipsch rf-35 ht systemd lowe10
Denon mic?tony c1
Help on connecting my Receiver to 5.1 Definitive speakersRAMESH ARDHANARI1
Dolby Digital 5.1ryan smith6
Denon 1804- poor Dolby digital performanceRiches12
Onkyo TX-SR602 vs. Denon AVR-1905Riches19
Help with Onkyo tx-sr502Scott Johnston4
A/V sound setup for CD vs. DVDtigger10
Pioneer VSX -1014tx vs Elite 52TX From the Horses MouthC B2
Ir in/out jacks on sony receiverP Branton1
HDMI Receiver under $4000???Davie Mac4
Digital Coaxial in for DVD on STR-DE597 Not WorkingBerny4
Pioneer vsx-1012 vs vsx-1014 w/ Infinity Spkrsjdsmoooth21
What is the difference between refurb and B stock?Kevin L.4
When is it too loud?J. Vigne9
Periodic Pop with surround sound and videoD Marlin1
Two receivers, same price: how to choose?Shan Tao6
Sony DSP2 reply errorrick00001
Subwoofer cutting outKevin J.9
Need help on choosing home theater uniteamon7
Subwoofer cutting out- follow-upRoy Wittock1
F/S AVR 7200 JK&M3
Help wantedDon B.11
Narrowing new receiveredster92215
Building First Home Theatre...Marantz SR4500 vs Denon AVR-1905?Falp5
Attempting a new (first) system from scratchbitiber7
Help! rca rt2360, does it have dts, only get dolby digitalkevin march1
Help: Pioneer elite vsx29tx, or Marantz 6300 or Integra 6.4mike alvarez3
New Elite receiver keeps shutting down. Any advice?izub13
Looking For A Manual & Info For High-End Panasonic CH 10glenn eacker3
Pioneer+LOUDNESSRicky Leung24
Can I use two receivers w/o bridging capability?Don Bai1
Yamaha HTR 5760 & Onkyo SKS-HT240 (good system???)ben wegner6
Marantz opinionPaul Money24
Please help! recording guitar through computerBerny4
Choice of receivers for B&W Speakers?d lowe9
MP3's performance on ReceiversPLAN B11
Higher volume shuts off receiverPLAN B3
Please explain high current on a receiver schouse132
Old Cerwin Vega D-9s with New ReceiverPaul Money1
Denon AVC-3030 Display problemNufonia2
Sunfire Ultimate vs. B&K AVR-507Stuck5
Do you know what this is forCory skoda7
Wow!P Wagner1
Advice to go with Fluance HTedster9223
Denon 3805 On Screen Display (OSD) HelpSid Bhandari1
Would yamaha 1500/2500 go good with JBLCory skoda8
Subwoofer cutting outRoy Wittock1
Pros/cons in the HK and Onkyo worldCory skoda27
Pioneer Elite VSX-56TXi featuresDan Dixon1
NAD t773 connection to preamps?????Canuck In A Pickle2
Radio always heard on Center Channel Speaker Kano2
I need some adviceCory skoda2
Help deciding: rotel 1056, Denon 3805, Marantz 7500????Bleustar3
Will any receivers let me do this amp reassignment?Brad Mitchell2
How do I get sound through my speakers from older TV?Berny4
Denon 1804- poor Dolby digital performanceAnonymous1
Receivers that convert different types of inputs for use with hdtvKano2
Which recieverG3gal17
Sony STR-DE897 + Onkyo SKS-HT240Cory skoda3
Help, I can't hear my speakers...J. Vigne4
Itunes (loud humming) through receiver DJ Wages21
Pioneer VSX-D510Ricky Leung1
REVIEW of Harmon Kardon AVR 7300 . Got it dialed in. WOW!Mystro1
Dolby Decoder, will it work?Ben Reeves1
Kenwood Sovereign any good?scottf2008
Onkyo TX-NR801Anonymous2
Crackling from multiple speakersCory skoda2
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