Pioneer VSX-D514 anyone have this?


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Does anyone have this receiver or a similar model? I currently have the cheap RCA RT2380BK HTiB that suffers from audio dropouts, delays, and latencies when playing DVDs via coax connection.

I was wondering if anyone has the Pioneer VSX-D514 and how well does it perform compared to the above mentioned RCA. Does it run very cool(as in puts off little to no heat)?

What about a recommended speaker package for this receiver?

Thanks for any input.

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Yes, I just bought this receiver a few days ago. Plugged in 5.1 speakers system, Klipsch, and it sounds great! Since I live in an apartment complex, the "midnight" mode allows me to hear the softer sounds without blowing my neighbors away. The remote is a bit awkward to use however. The ability to adjust each speaker based on your room size and listening position works great. The FM tuner is also a plus with preset stations. I am very pleased with this unit and found that Circuit City had the best price at $149.99. Since I didnt mail order it, I also saved on shipping. To be honest, I was a bit suprised that I couldnt find this receiver cheaper on line. I usually buy on line, but not this time! Any questions I can answer, simply email me. I am NO expert but I know what I like. This receiver delivers!
ps- I noticed it seemed to run hot so I positioned by other components beside (not on top of unit) to allow for better ventalation.
Good luck

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I took the RCA RT2380BK back to wal-mart and I'm glad I did.

I tried the Pioneer VSX-D514 which is a good home theater reciever. No delays, latencies, or dropouts and has plenty of inputs for an entry level HT receiver. The unit ran slightly warm, but comparitively cool for a full fledged HT receiver. Seemed like a pretty good deal at Circuit City for $150 so I had to try it out. Of course, it's just the receiver so everything else had to be supplied seperately -- speakers, wires, DVD player, ect. The worst part about this receiver was that the remote was poorly designed. Even so, I would recommend this unit.

I would have kept this unit if not for another post in here about the Pioneer HTD-540. I was incredibly lucky to get one at ALDI. This system has a 5 disc carousel, plays all formats including SACDs. This is the coldest running HT unit I have ever tried. No vents on the top of the receiver. It has a small fan in the back of the unit which I can barely detect any heat coming out of. This is the extreme oppisite from the ONKYO receiver I tried that came in the 777 package, which doubles as a nice space heater. NO exaggeration!!!
An important feature that the Pioneer HTD 540 has, is the coaxial input on the back of the receiver. Therefore, if one of the many drive motors fail on the main unit, all I have to do is hook up another DVD player that has coax out and I can still enjoy DD5.1 without having to buy another whole new system.
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