Digital Coaxial in for DVD on STR-DE597 Not Working


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Ok, let me begin by saying that I'm very new to this, but I'm a pretty smart guy, and have thoroughly read my manuals, as well as exhaustively (and I mean it) searched this site, google web and google groups. Now that I sound like an arogant pryck (hmm can't say pryck?), let me begin. :-) (Just wanted to avoid the preliminaries and get down to business)

My problem is that I cannot get any audio signal from my Sony DVD NS415 to my Sony Receiver STR-DE597 using the "DVD in Coaxial".

I'm certain that I've correctly set up my DVD player, and that it is playing a Dolby Digital (tried DTS too) DVD (Lord of the Rings Spec Ed 6.1 DTS).

The reason that I'm certain is that when I switch to the optical audio cable from my DVD to the Video 2 optical in on my receiver, I get the sound and Dolby Digital 3/2.1 (or DTS 3/3.1) scrolls on the display of the receiver. When I swap the cables back to DVD coax, and switch over to the DVD mode on my receiver, there's no sound at all.


DVD >1m optical> Receiver Video 2: Works perfectly
DVD >1m coaxial> Receiver DVD: No sound whatsoever

There's no issue with both cables being pluged in, as the same results occur if I have both connections running to the Receiver at the same time, or disconnect the optical entirely.

And yes, I've double-checked the input for the DVD mode on my Receiver. It doesn't work when auto select is set, nor does it work when I force it to accept Coax.

Some extra data that, from what I can tell, couldn't possibly affect this:

1. I've only got 2 dinky speakers hooked up to my Speaker B set (waiting for my speakers to arrive). But since the optical in plays the DD or DTS perfectly (well, not well, as it's only L+R and no centre channel, but it's still working), this can't affect it.

2. I didn't waste my money on a special Digital Coaxial cable. I'm using a $20 audio cable (intended for a subwoofer) that's probably twice as good as any old RCA cable I have laying around. However, I don't think this matters from what I've read. Note: I've also tried any combination of my regular old RCA cables (including the video) as the Digital Coaxial cable, but there's no change.

I'm pretty sure that there's a signal coming out of my DVD player's Digital Coax output, because when I plug it into the video in on my TV (I know, madness), the TV buzzes and hums like it's got bees in it. I quickly disconnected it.

I suppose it's possible that for some reason, my DVD player's Coax out is not outputting a valid signal, but I guess I'd have no way to check that, so I'm looking to see if one of you beautiful people has a solution for me.

My receiver has only 2 digital inputs on it, well 3 if you count the SACD/CD one, (I know it's crap, but it was only $200 Canadian), and I'd very much like to use the DVD mode on my receiver as the DVD mode. It's inputs are analog or coax.

Any help you gurus could give would be greatly appreciated.


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From what you describe, it sounds like you hooked everything up correctly. If that receiver is under warranty, you might consider returning it.

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Hmm, it's a brand new (2 days) receiver, which I can bring back to where I bought it. Unfortunately, there aren't any more of these receivers in town (except display models), as they were on for so damned cheap. It's a brand new Sony model, so I don't think the model is plagued with problems. Maybe I just had bad luck.

I'll bring it into the store and get them to give me a display model, and 20 bucks back.

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"And yes, I've double-checked the input for the DVD mode on my Receiver. It doesn't work when auto select is set, nor does it work when I force it to accept Coax."


There is already something wrong with this scenario. If it does not work on auto detect, it is a major problem.

Have set up the DVD player correctly?
How is the audio output configured?
Did you set up the DVD player without a disc on the tray? DTS output is not toggled on by default so make sure of this.

Next put the speakers on SPEAKER A - check the sound on jsut stereo mode.

See what happens.

get back soon.
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