Help, I can't hear my speakers...


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O.K. that's not exactly true, but I do have some concerns. I am running my vsx-54tx in a 2.1 situation currently. I am biamping my monitor audio ma 700 golds using the rear channel. I have run the mcacc, and all the settings seem to be correct. My concern is that I am turning my volume up to 0 or even positive db before the sound is "loud." I know that my speakers are relatively ineffecient, 89db, but still this seems to be pretty high compared to others who say that -20, or -15 is room shaking.

Any suggestions about something I may have missed? Or am I just concerned over nothing?

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I am curious,
have you tried this to see the effect?

If you do not bi-amp the speakers, is it substantially louder?


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actually I have. There doesn't seem to be much difference in the volume levels. I must admit that I didn't run the mcacc before I biamped them. but even running in the direct mode, I had to turn the volume way up to get the level of sound I wanted.

I am in a big room 18X21 with vaulted ceilings. Before I was driving the speakers with a 25 year old Onkyo 30 watt receiver. The sound is much more revealing with the Pioneer, so I am not disappointed with the quality of the sound at all. Just curious about het volume level.

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Don't worry about it as long as it does get loud without distortion.

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