$1000 receiver to compliment totem arros?


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Need some advice on which receiver to get. Use it for music and home theater. Budget: $1,000.

I'd really like to make the most of my new speakers - totem arros. They were the right solution for me - as they have great sound and aren't big at all.... Now i've learned that some believe they are a little "bright," whatever that means... i want to get a decent receiver to compliment them. the totem people sent me these suggestions (but i think a couple of them are older models):
Rotel rsx 1055
Arcam avr 200
Yamaha rv 2300
Denon 3803
Harmon Kardon Avr 430

I live in a nyc apartment so i won't be really shaking the walls. For me it is about great sound quality at moderate volumes.

Suggestions? Comments on ones listed?

Thanks from a beginning audiophile...

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I think you should at least audition a NAD T763 perhaps. You won't get better music reproduction for that price. I got the model down (budget issues) and love it. I tried it against similar products from Denon, HK, and Yamaha and NAD was the obvious winner. I can't talk for Rotel and Arcam. Don't rule out NAD just yet though!

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May be NAD is good but I don't like the "look" of the receivers..

Can NAD engineers made better looking products?

Just my opinion, of course :-)

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The Yamaha RX-V2500 is under 1,000 and offers more bang for the buck than the others listed, IMO.

The Rotel and HK models you listed are overpriced and underpowered IMO.....Junk I would never buy.
I'd never consider a 60wpc botique brand receiver if you expect your speakers to perform well.

Both the Dennon and Yammi you listed is nice though.

Any company who sells a 60Watt receiver for 1200 like rotel should be completely ignored.

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The look is often a common complaint -- I had it at first. Now that I have a few NAD items they look sharp toghether though. I believe that you can get the T-Series stuff in titanium colour or something silvery at least.

NAD claims they save the money on exterior and put it towards the interior.

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I know the Arros well. Great speakers, and yes a touch bright (if you find they are a little bright you can reduce this by adding Totem Beaks). Arros can be a bit difficult to drive so you want a fairly pokey amp. I suggest the following:

NAD T753 (Titanium is quite nice looking - for a NAD)

Denon 3805 (not so hot musically, but very good surround sound)

Rotel RSX 1056 - excellent machine but probably out of your price range

Arcam AVR200 (I guess the Arcam AVR250 is out of your price range - a real shame since that's probably the best machine I've mentioned here)


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A $grand$ will get you the latest Harmon Kardon 600 series. They are a great AMP for the money with alot of power. (AND they look really cool too)

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Just for the record (since Frank mentioned it) I have a NAD T753 and musically it's amazing -- for cinema it is still great but it is definitley a music-first surround receiver. However, mine is Grey not Titanium -- I didn't know the option existed when I picked mine up!

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what are you driving with you T753

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NAD is an excellent match with Totem Speakers. The T753 or T763 should be just fine for you - depending on which one fits into the $$ range.

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I originally was driving all of my speakers with it. 2xEnergy Speaker Systems C-5s (L&R) and my rears (2xPSB Alpha B Series). When I get it soon i'll be also driving an Energy C-C3 Centre.

I did however (since I had it hanging around) connect my Main L&R speakers to an older 2 channel NAD amp at 120WPC. Eitherway it worked very well. This way just has more punch for stereo playback.
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