HDMI Receiver under $4000???


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The subject should say it all. If and/or when I get around to it, does anyone have any idea of any manufacturer that is producing a receiver w/ HDMI inputs and at least one out for under 4K??? I've got the TV in mind and my cable carrier has HD DVR w/ HDMI out. I'd like to truly enjoy my future HDTV experience w/ a quality surround system starting w/ the receiver.

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Just saw that Outlaw Audio's new 1070 receiver has 2 DVI inputs and one output. Check out their website for info but also the pics by an attendant of a recent HE show in New York. http://www.sklenar.info/outlaw3.html . This should be way below your $4k. Looks interesting!

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Davie Mac
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Actually, an HDMI-switching receiver is nice, but not mandatory, unless you have more HDMI ouput devices than inputs on your TV, ie, a DVD player & STB w/HDMI, but only one HDMI input on the TV.

In fact, direct cabling to the TV will eliminate the chance of signal degradation from the swithcing process. To get around the hassle of switching the audio and video signal separately consider using a programmable universal remote w/macro capability. You can then program the switch from DVD to STB to happen with one button push.
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