HK 430/Denon 1905/HK 135, which for me


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I am REALLY messed up. My beloved TEAC avr finally packed it in, being completely satisfied with what I had I had no idea what was out their these days. I went to the various local merchants and narrowed it down to these 3 choices. What I am really after is what is the best machine for its buck.

The HK430 is the last of its kind and is on clear out for $900, keep in mind this canadian money. It looks like a good machine and I heard HK was fairly higher end in quality.

The HK 135 is the future shop special of the day, I really hate future shop, (bad experience), but at $699 happier with the price, would prolly spend the extra dollars though and go with the 430 just baced on lothing of future shop.

The Denon 1905, I really like this machine at $569 dollar for dollar hands down the easiest on the mastercard.

The bigest trouble I am having is with the wording the salesman used. High current output.
He said the HK was the leader their, but when I examine the specs it was right on par with denon. So basically I am asking anyone who knows their stuff help me please, I am a freak so I take decisions like this way to seriously instead of just enjoying what I like and just buying something.

One other thing I mostly use it to watch movies some music, and i already have psb speakers


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If mostly for movies and you have warmer sounding speakers I would definately suggest you look at the denon over the HK. The HK might be better for music, however the denon will match well with your speakers and should be great for movies. I would also like to suggest you look at the yamaha 650 or 750 as they are about the same price here in canada as the denon 1905 and are also really nice and come with autosetup if you aren't familiar with setting up ht systems.

confused in vernon
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i'll admitt I prolly over looked the yamaha for no other reason then old school thinking, I will give it a tryout, thanx

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The HK430 is hands down the best here. It's no contest agaist the much lower quality 135 and AVR1905.

With Denon you have to go up to AVR2805 to be on the level with 430.

confused in vernon
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Landroval, I was kinda wondering though if for the extra 300 dollars the HK was still better value, that is more where I am stuck, But thank you
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