Subwoofer cutting out


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I have a RX6032V Receiver but I am not sure of the exact specs for the sub (I took back to the shop for them to have a look at it and they said it needed a part. I have been using it only for a month.)

In the meantime I bought a athena P.5 300W sub and I am experiencing the same problem of cutting out.

I haven't told the repair shop yet but I am thinking that it is not the sub it might be the receiver. That is why I am seeking some help.

The athena sub that I am now using has a auto on/off feature but it must be built in. There is no switch to control it.

Also, the sub is cutting out even when there is no music or change in the sound. For example if a news achor on CNN is talking it would just cut in and out just like that.
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