Very Strange Random Noise - Any Ideas???


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I am getting what is sounding like an ascending skwaking sound out my speakers. It seems to happen randomly. I might watch the TV one night and not hear it at all, and the next time I might hear it 3 or 4 times. It's getting annoying. Since I primarily have the receiver on for the TV, I don't really know if the sound happens with anything else on. Maybe it's the cable box... but read on.

I can't say for sure exactly when this started but I think it was after adding a US Digital HDTV Receiver??? Strange coincidence maybe???It's connected with optical cables. I only use this to watch a couple shows in HD over ther air that I can't get in HD through my cable carrier.

Aside from my subwoofer, I have upgraded all of my speakers from Klipsch Quitet II's to Klipsch's reference series satellites.

My receiver is a Pioneer 6.1 model that is only around 3 years old. I don't think this is related, but lately it has been acting up by not noticing DTS signals.

Back to the weird chirp-like noise. It lasts only a fraction of a second, and I can never seem to be able to tell if it's coming from all of the speakers or just one. For a little while it seemed to sound like it was coming from the sub, but I just can't tell since it's so random and quick.

If anybody has heard of anything like this, or has any ideas - PLEASE share your comments.

Thank you,



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Chirp-like noises? Sounds like a raw digital signal to me. Does it happen when you're listening to your cable source as well as when you listen to your HD source, or is it limited to one source? If it's limited to one source (box, not channel), then it's likely that box has something wrong with it. If it happens with a variety of sources, then it's likely to be the amp.

It's unlikely to be the sub since chirp like noises are well beyond its frequency range.


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Yea, sounds like the problem is signal related and not hardware related. If the sounds chirps, I would suspect the picture would show degredation too if even for an instant.

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I think it happens regardless of what source I'm watching/listening to - although I rarely use the stereo for CD listening.

Here is more details of what I have connected digitally.

US Digital HD-OTA Receiver - sounds seemed to start a litte while after getting this. It's connected to the stereo via optical and component video.

HD Cable Box - Connected to stereo via digital co-ax. Video sent directly to TV via DVI.

DVD Player - Connected to stereo via optical, and to TV via component video.

XBox - Connected to stereo via optical and componenet video.

I've heard the sound when playing XBox, watching DVD's, watching cable, and watching OTA HD programming. Since the problem seemed to start after adding the OTA box, is there a chance that even though I'm not listening to that source, it's somehow interfering or overriding something in the stereo??? My next step might be to unplug the OTA box for a few days or so to see if the problem goes away.

Any other ideas?

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