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I have a question for anyone who may have an opinion on my topic...
I began looking for a receiver but I have no speakers. From previous threads I realize that it would be wise to get speakers first. I'm now going to try to look for both at the same time.

I have a ministereo now that is a piece of s**t but my listening will probably change to about 70/30 (movies/music). I'm concerned with quality as I will probably keep this receiver for 20+ yrs (most likely if it sucks or not). I've learned that (good) speakers should last a long time anyways because the technology seldom advances. So, I'll worry more about the receiver but I'm aware that speakers need to complement it.

I was interested in a Yamaha RX-V750 until I read here about weak power supplies. I assume this is a BIG DEAL since one of it's purposes is to push the speakers, although consumer reports lists the 650 and 750 quite high in the rankings. Is this a big deal? Also, can the bright sound from this receiver be countered by more laid back speakers (B&W perhaps)? I'm aware that I need to listen to them in order to make that decision but there is no place around that I can compare the higher quality equipment.

I was also looking into Onkyo 701 and I found a good price on a Sony 2000 <$600.

Is it more important to have a laid back receiver and bright speakers or vice versa???

If anyone would be willing to help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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That's a pretty tough question. If your're looking into staying under $600 for a receiver, there are several options available. For example, you can buy the YamahaRX-V1500 on the web for about that amount, and it has 120wts/channel. Thats more than enough power to handle any speakers short of the "MEGGA $$$" range. As for the 'other model being underpowered?? That's relative. What's underpowered to one person, isnt to the next. You need to decide for yourself how much power you want or need.

The way I feel about it is that the speaker is more important than the Receiver. If you have crappy speakers, they'll sound crappy no matter what you plug them into. If you hook nice speakers into an 'average' amp, they'll still sound better than crappy speakers regardless of what you power them with.

Hopefully that makes sense.....

I recently found these boards because Im researching new receivers too, and Im leaning towards the YammiRX-V2500 which is about $685 on the web, and it has 130Wts/channel plus all the Surround bells and whistles.

IMO, those are among the best values that I have found for what Im looking for.

If I was you, I'd choose the ideal Receiver and two front speakers to fit your needs and keep saving my money before pulling the trigger. You can always add the rest later. If anything, I'd skimp on the receiver.

I bought my first speakers as a 17 year old and dished out about $750 in 1985 dollars.(a heck of a lot for a HS kid digging out of his own pocket) I kinda skimped on my first receiver, but I still have and use the speakers today. (the receiver....long gone):laugh:

Hope that helps some....

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Thanks for the advise.

I'm a little weary of buying online. I don't know what sites I can trust. Sometimes, the prices seem to good to be true (compared to stores around here). The RX-V750 I was looking at was $200 cheaper online... & I'm not the most proficient online shopper.

I'm looking for some good bookshelf speakers now that I'll shift to the rear surround channels when I get the "good stuff" and a new house to fit the "good stuff" in.
I've heard the difference between Klipsh (more colorful) and B&W (more relaxed) setups and can't decide which I like more. I don't have a very critical ear yet, but I'll get there.

Do you know how many amps are used internally to drive the outputs to the Yamaha 1500? I've heard that "discrete amp(s)" may be a misnomer.

Thanks again for your reply to my query... it was much help and greatly appreciated.


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I cant blame you for being weary of buying online. While I have bought tons of stuff via the web, I havnt bought many big ticket items that way. I finally broke down and bought a $1,000 camera and saved about $300 in the process 2 years ago.

The reason it's so cheap is that they have no showroom, have no commissioned sales people to feed, and basically cut through much of the overhead(compared to a retail showroom) by using the web as their showroom. Buying on the web also voids the factory warranty which reduces the cost, but the various WebStore will back the product with their warranty. Which one you buy is up to you, and if something breaks, you send it to them, and not the manufacturer. I usually make the actual purchase using their toll free phone number so I can, at least, talk to a person when I make my order. That way they can answer all of my questions on how the transaction will be handled.

As for who to deal with?? I usually go to and there is a big list you can choose from with vender reviews included.

Anyway, doing business that way isnt for everyone.......It's only a hassle if the product arrives broken, and then you have to send it back on 'their' dime. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it arrives in one piece...."lol" The hassle is the waiting.....

IMO, this is the worst case senario........

I'll deny the 'web' warranty they offer becuase I never buy warranties, and my reciever breaks after 6 months. Then I'll have pay for the repair out of the $300 I saved up front.

As for speaker preferences, I dont have an 'audiophiles' ear either. My main front speakers are 20 year old Cerwin Vega D-9s, and they'll blow just about anything away(not in the megga 1,000s price range)if you like being shaken to your bones while watching movies. The audiophiles will say they sound terrible, but hey.....they sound great to me and that's what's important.

As for amperage of the 1500....nope, Im not technical about that stuff. Heck, I'm still using a Pioneer from 1989(floor sample and no warranty), and just now getting current on the new surround technologies. All I can say is wow........I've missed out on a lot, and cant believe I waited this long to explore the market. The only reason I even started looking is because I recently bought a 65" HDTV, and while I was in the store, I happened to look at receivers too. It's been a snowball effect ever since......

Oh well.......Happy shopping.

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I agree that you should spend most of your money on 2 good bookshelf speakers and buy an average amp. The yamaha 750 is easily enough power for now. I would even suggest the 650 as the differences b/w the two are very little. The power supply is the same although they say there is a 10W difference the weight of the product is the same which means the same power supply. If the 650 has all the options you need, then it will do for now. As for speakers paradigm has very good quality speakers for a great price. Look at the mini-monitors, or the studio 20's / 40's. Also B&W's are great.

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The sleeper receiver right now is the Pioneer 1014 which is available for around $400 online. I wouldn't worry about buying online as long as you check out the vendor first at

There's a 20 page thread on it at the you might want to look at.

For speakers you can get an excellent pair of mains for well under $1000. You might want to look at some Internet direct brands like and they all come with a 30 day return policy so you get to audition them at home, which is much better than in a store.

For receivers and other components, is one of the best for both service and price, but there are good ones too. Use the search...yeah, about the only things I'd buy locally these days would be massive and freight-heavy CRT TVs, washers, dryers, etc.

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Thanks for the info, I'll definitely look at the mentioned sites and make a more well informed decision due to your comments.
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