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Upgrade Paradigm or not?Anonymous7
Onix Rocket SpeakersAnonymous2
Cheap Sub???James Lee3
Requirements for 6&7 in 7.1 system?RisingPower2
8 ohm,4 ohm speakers?Anonymous6
Finally found my new speakers on accident!adrian obrejan3
How to determine phasing on speaker wiring.Alexa11
Bp 2004 tl speakersmatthew peulen1
Rattling problem with speakersJames Lee4
Need speakers to match Onkyo TX-NR901Hawk4
Speakers for yamaha recieverJames Lee8
Logitech Z5300 PC Speakers vs other 5.1 spkr for $150 James Lee2
Are Rocket by Onix speaker good or what? Bob M.12
Maggies mg1.2 w/ rotel 1055?James Lee9
What speakers for Marantz SR6300?James Lee6
Which speakers for NAD C320BEE and C521BEE?Anonymous3
Break-in time for amp, CD player and interconnect cables?James Lee2
Help for hk 430James Lee2
JBL XPL-200 SpeakersAnonymous1
KEF 2005.2 or ????marshster10
Need help choosing speakers for Onkyo TX-SR601James Lee4
Mass loading tannoy mx4'sJames Lee3
Looking for a good par of speakers at around a $1000KEGGER5
If you had $750 - $1,200, what sub would you buy??Anonymous11
Is it OK to Mix Speakers?Buckshot6
Bose Acoustimass - new center channel?Berny10
Shopping for a subwooferJames Lee2
Definitive tech speakers for music?Berny2
DefTech: ProCinema or StudioCinema?Chris W.3
Boston acoustics A150Anonymous7
Ascend CBM-170's or Paradigm Titans?GregT6
Paradigm or KEF for a HK 430Anonymous1
Sub/Sat Speakers: Help with Kef ,Mirage,JM Labs,B+WAnonymous7
Need center speaker suggestionBlah3
Rocket by onix speakersEardrum3
B&W DM302 vs. Paradigm TitanEardrum10
Subwoofer Head ache!Luke Hansen3
Paradigm monitor7 or 9Hammersmith5
Choicematt haug4
Would an Infinity 'Entra TWO' center be a good match for my Infinit...Auction Link7
Polk blows!!!!!!!!!!!!Paul T2
Dynaudio Audience 72 VS Mordaunt Short 908?Anonymous8
PSB Alpha T for my NAD T742?James Lee3
Loss of Sound out of 1 speakerJohn3
Infinity, Harmon Kardon, or JBL??James Lee4
Ht magazineJames Lee2
Magnepan question(Hawk pls)James Lee3
Which is best receiver brand for Boston Acoustics VR series speakers?James Lee2
Online Dali dealer?Stone2
Help with Speaker Decisionmatthew peulen4
Polk LSi15 vs Rti10Anonymous4
3 piece system - affordable solution to good sound!Anonymous3
Adding more speakers w/out 2nd speaker or aux outputsV. Youd4
Happy New Year!!!adrian obrejan3
SVS 20-39PC-Plus Subwoofer ReviewStevecml19
4 ohm or 8 ohmKEGGER15
Bose cube speakersJames Lee3
Looking for Klipsch KV-4 center channel speakerKEGGER2
PSB 5T or Paradigm studio 20?Johnny Ness4
Wall Hanging Rear SpeakersRailbait7
Does number of speakers in cabinet matter?UNICRON-WMD2
Triad Bronze and Silver SatelliteT Kaye1
Final touchJames Lee3
Speakers for H/K 325??? Under $500 with Sub???James Lee3
Please Help! Need some advice.Berny4
KEF 2005.1 vs. 2005.2Richard Skoller1
I have been quoted a price on Paradigm Surround Sound System of...Berny3
What do you think Hawk??adrian obrejan1
What speakers to go with NAD 762?Stone10
What amp with Quad 11LJames Lee2
Want to keep B&W DM600i in an upgradeJames Lee2
Infinity Entra Point 5 HTS SystemUNICRON-WMD7
Center Channel recommendationJames Lee3
Eosone rfs 1000James Lee2
Rear speaker help?James Lee2
Wharfedale Vs JBLJames Lee2
Eosone rfs 1000James Lee2
Def-tech and marantz? how does this setup sound?therealelitefan4
NAD C320 BEE vs NAD C350- Mr Hawk PLS commentssonny7
ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! AXIOM 22ti's VRS. ASCEND 170's -Berny8
Please Help? What speakers do I pair with an Onkyo tx sr601?James Lee2
Does jbl make hk speakers?James Lee4
Mission M34 and M35 (New speaker released)Tim Hawker26
Ceiling SpeakersJames Lee3
Best receiver for NHT system? (also posted in receiver category)...James Lee2
Crackling tweeter HELP (if you know what you're doing)Al Hoone1
HK DPR 1001 need speakersEuton Lyons4
Connecting 80 watts/channel amplifier to 60 watts speakersnitin seena7
Mordaunt short MS 55 TIDonna Cullen1
How much for paradigm?Hammersmith3
Are PSB /Paradigm speakers cheaper in CanadaHammersmith3
Which speakers with a Carver TFM-25???Richard Turner3
What's a good rear and center match for alone petites?brent powers1
NHT Superone opinionsMaximo5
Confused about what to buy!Darryl Hill7
What speaker wire should i opt for.?.valeem30
Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3 speakers with Marantz SR5300?Stone11
Getting my sub tomorrow and ....................valeem8
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