B&W DM302 vs. Paradigm Titan


Hello all,
I was wondering how you folks would compare these two speakers against each other? If you had to choose between them which would you pick and why?
Any other information about these two would be greatly appericiated.

Thanks in advance for your input.

I am a fan of Canadian speakers.

I have the titans and recently picked up some Axiom speakers (ct-6). The Paradigms of course are great but the Axioms are simply amazing for the money - under $200.

You'll just blow your cash away on the b&w's.

j..boston ma

anyone else have the pleasure of owning axiom ct-6 speakers or any axiom products from CHT series at all?

j..boston ma

I have the 5.1 Athena system replacing an Energy Take 5 and couldn't be happier. I too am a fan of Canadian Speakers. MOST of my favorite brands (Energy, NHT, Paradigm, Mission, Mirrage, Monitor Audio) are Canadian. I remember the Titans [Hey, wasn't that a movie?] and though they were good I wasn't overly impressed with them. I used to work in a stero store and ended up buying a pair of Celection 3 MkII, but this was 10 years ago.

Unfortunatly, I lean towards the B&W in this case.

I would buy atom instead of titan, if you go with paradigm. And over atom, i would buy axiom m3ti. The B&W have crisp clear sound, but sounds like a cheap speaker that it is. You would do better with a Canadian speaker at the price, especially axiom m3ti.


Monitor Audio is a British Company.


So it looks like you suggest Athena over Energy? I was looking to buy one of them but could not make up mind. I 'm looking to buy HK AVR 325.

Don't care for Canadians, but I love my Titans! Had them for 2 years and enjoy them just as much now as before.

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I had the opportunity to listen to the B&W 303 and 600's the other week and at the same time listen to paradigm products.That anonymous post that recommended the atom over the titan is either intentially leading you in the wrong direction, certifiable, or drastically audibly challenged. The tians are far superior to the atoms and to my ear were better than the 303 and ever so slightly better than the 600 series. THey are attractive compact and very rich souding for their size and cost. While I have not listened to them personally, I have read enough glowing reviews to recommend you check out axioms m22tis and ascend accoustics 170's for quality sub $400 speakers.

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what are ct-6 axiom speakers? I know the 2i and 3ti and m22ti and so on to the floorstanding models.

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