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Want access to music on my computer - need help w/ decisionCopain13
Harman Kardon Woes.... Kano33
Panasonic HT-920 receiver/dvd flashing in front with no soundAnonymous1
Home Audio- Not for the uninitiated?Grizzly3
Pre-amp or receiver?dlowe1
Sony SRT-D1015 Receiver won't get AM stationsDave K1
Def Tech Pro 100 Receiverscott1
THX (select, ultra, ultra 2) is it marketing hype or make a diffe...Grizzly5
Harman Kardon Woes UPDATEJohnny4
Pioneer elite 52 or 54fka3
Numerous newbie receiver questionsBill Meekins4
What do you think of Onkyo receivers?edster92219
Receiver for Polk LsiKano13
Whats good 4 my Polks?Kano9
Help on installing cd receiver in my roomjason dempesy1
Can/should my receiver be fixed?L Smith1
Receiver selection...justconfuse1
NAD 752 -- lost left surround channel?Jonathan4
Budget $1500Elmosaurus27
Confused, Need Help PleaseElmosaurus4
Setup question.Nathan Stohler3
Need a receiver for Monitor Audio Silver series S1 speakerstherealelitefan2
Suggestions on keeping my receiver coolStephen Nichols4
Wiring schematic for Onkyo HT-R510 receiverAnonymous3
Vincent sv 388 receiver anybody heard it or used it ?Kerim Barbur1
Yamaha 1500/Marantz 7500/Nad 763/Denon 3805 ?My Rantz3
Receiver for Quad L speakersKerim Barbur1
Harmon/Kardon AVR 235?Jim2
Has Yamaha blown it again?Kano22
Arcam AVR-300MaroonMike6
Reciever surveyPeter Galbraith87
Audigy 2ZX optical out into Sony Recieveryizhong wu11
Whats a good receiver at a reasonable price?Baldev Grewal12
What do you suggest???Baldev Grewal2
$9.95 for Cellular Antenna Boosters !Berny2
The 2005 Marantz's are hereChristopher M.1
Setting "Delay" on my HKStone4
Do Monster Cables make a differnce that a novice can tell?harish venkataraman1
Klipsch in walls and ??? Receiver?gary gregor1
Help: Pioneer VSX D811S - B Front speaker connection QuitAnonymous1
Video through receiver?harish venkataraman9
Rotel or ArcamSound Advice45
In seek of help.Newbie011
NAD A/V receiver hiss issueMe229
Best possible for $4000Ralph Lange6
Rear Surround Placement (5.1)Shan Tao6
Onkyo 901Johnny6
Onkyo TX-SR602 x Denon 1705Elliot19
HK AVR430 or AVR525? Please advice!!Kano8
Need receiver for Infinity AlphasBerny2
ANYONE use some sort of power convertor to hook an amp up in the houseChristopher Lee4
Help me Please.....No Blue LightShan Tao9
Set up (Please help)Lawrence Tran1
---- >NAD T773 - NEED HELP!!!! Elmosaurus13
Net-tune Genre HackingJason Taylor3
Speaker LevelsThedark15
WOW!! Marantz SR7400- Purchased today!Chris Laudermilk4
Pioneer 1014TX Lip-Sync?Slade2
My H/K AVR 630 On Screen Menu looks funky on my TV?Peter Galbraith5
Thank you!sinkdraiN1
Does anyone know???Kano2
Receiver DecisionThedark111
Denon receiver questionsRiches15
Will Onkyo 901 drive Polk LSiRiches12
Pansat2500Anew guy2
Different impedance between speakers/receiversPeter Galbraith3
Receiver defaults to analog if no digital?mack mckinnon3
NAD T753 Ver 2?Brad Mitchell6
What receiver to pick(Yamaha, Denon, Nad etc.)Elmosaurus3
Cross over freq Question?Nathan Stohler2
Volume read-out in decibles (Explanation?)Nathan Stohler8
Pioneer VSX 1014 vs. Yamaha HTR 5760Nathan Stohler7
Sony str-da9000esHKFAN1
Klipsch RF-35 with Denon 2805?therealelitefan3
Marantz 8500, Monitor Audio S-10 & S-LCRtherealelitefan5
Receiver for Paradigm 100'sMichael6
Help with Denon AVR-1804Kano3
Informative article on recievers power ratingsmauimusicman1
5.1 Decoder for XBox and Laptoptaz1
Yamaha/Denon/Marantz/Elite Receiver Decision - now Cable Connections?therealelitefan2
Denon Receiverslandroval3
Remote for old HK?J. Vigne4
Anyone in SoCal wanna groupbuy either a 1014 or 54TX?RNorm6
Marantz Questionstherealelitefan16
Onkyo tx-sr702 vs pioneer elite vsx-52txaudiophilewanabeinha8
NADJesse Roman7
Yamaha receiver & klipsch speakers?Anon Heredy6
Need advice on a Sherwood Newcastle R863T receiver........Jason S.1
Reciever for Energy EncoresRoman Sazonov5
Pioneer model confusion: VSX-1014tx vs 1012-K?Frepin1
Arcam avr200 with athena audition speakerDon't do it2
Receiver for JBL L7 6 ohlm speakersAnonymous1
Receiver fortec life ultraAnonymous1
Affordable 4 ohm receiver?Johnny13
Need Advice: HT A/V Receiver & Speakers on $2000 budget?therealelitefan2
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