Can/should my receiver be fixed?


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I have a Technics receiver that's probably about 20 years old and has always worked just fine.

I recently moved and though my receiver worked yesterday, today (as I was hooking up the last component, the DVD player) it suddenly stopped. Or to be accurate, when it was cold and I turned it on, it played the radio for about 1-2 seconds, then the sound went out. This happened twice.

The tape player, radio, etc. - I can see they're putting out sound, but the receiver is suddenly not transmitting the sound to the amps. I've already checked out the amps and all other connections. It definitely seems to be the receiver.

I assume that somewhere in transit, my receiver was damaged. Anyone know if what I described sounds like it would be a fixable problem, or would it be so expensive to repair, I'd be better off buying a new receiver? I don't have lots of money, so if I can get the receiver fixed cheaply (or if someone has an alternate suggestion that would work), that's what I'd prefer.

Thanks for any help you all can provide!

(PS, I'm new and couldn't seem to make the search function work, so I apologize if something similar has been posted elsewhere.)
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