Home Audio- Not for the uninitiated?


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This forum has allowed me to experience music, movies, and sound in a way that I had no idea was possible. After work I am like a kid in a candy store tearing my CD and DVD collection apart, pushing buttons, and moving cables, etc... This is all new to me and I came to the realization that owning this equipment means nothing if you do not know how to use it.

For example: I connected my speakers just like i used to do but the speakers sounded dull to me. didnt know enough to be concerned but I read a post describing the importance of matching the polarity. I checked and I was wrong- the difference was huge when i corrected it. I would have never known! I connected my DVD with a coax and watched a DVD that was supposedly Dolby Digital. The sound was OK but nothing amazing. Again, I knew no better so I was not at all concerned. By dumb luck I stumbled across an article entitled "Where is Dolby Digital?" I read that you actually have to tell your DVD player to look for the signal. I remembered getting surround sound watching a DVD so I was pretty sure that did not imply to me. Just for kicks I checked and, no my dvd player was not set correctly. After I corrected the settings the sound just exploded around me. Gave me goose bumps! Again, I would have never known.

I'd love to know how many people have really expensive components but aren't even listening to what they paid for.

It seems like Home Audio is for the initiated.

BTW thanks for all your help

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"...how many people have really expensive components but aren't even listening to what they paid for."

....You don't want to know how much truth lies in that statement.

Many of the enthusiasts that frequent this forum are well versed in their equipment, having specifically chosen those pieces based on abilities and features.

There exists a small percentage here, and HUGE percentage of 'average joes' that never even come here, that just don't know what they have at hand.

[soapbox]So yeah, I see it as our job to show them! :-) [/soapbox]

(In a kind and condescending-free way...)



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Hehe that is what instrucation manuls are for :D
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