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Hm...Sorry for starting another one of these "newby" threads, but I did a quick search and couldnt come up with anything...
I quasi recently acquired a pair of used Energy Encore Bookshelves (i.e. something like,
only without the center and well... there's only 2 of them (basically I'm just saying it's not the newest ones that Energy has to offer)).
I'm a little ashamed of how they're currently being powered, but I guess its the best I could do so far, (they're hooked up to a lil stereo, and getting only a measily 6Ohms, instead of the needed 8, and well.. its a shitty stereo, so you can imagine how underpowered they sound). Anyways, I've been looking around for a receiver, but since its a lil hard, at least in my area to find Energies on display ANYWHERE in the bigger chains, and thus impossible to hear them with various amps, I havent been able to find a suiting reciever. I'm not looking for anything overly expensive, I'm a student, so... not immense amounts of cash to blow, if any, but I was just wondering what kind of recommendations you guys would have. There's really no set budget. As I said, i'm a student, so money can vary or ...non-exist, but then again, i'm also not looking to necessarily buy new, so i'm sure there can be some good amps to be found used, or whatnot.

So... I guess after the insessant ramble...
what I'm asking is...: What are you recommendations for a reciever to be used to 2 Energy Encore Bookshelves.

Thanks in advance.
Much appreicated.

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So stereo only, and not a home theater setup?

BTW, you misunderstand the 6 ohms versus 8 ohms. That is the electrical resistance the speakers present to the amplifier, irrespective of output power.

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hm... I guess i did misunderstand. Thanks for the heads up.

And yeah, stereo only, mainly for music. Not a home theater setup. I should have been cleared. My appologies.

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*bump*... help?

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