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Hello People i have been looking around for some time to set up a home theather system in my house for music and DVD 60% music 40% dvd i have the means of getting a good deal on the quad 12 L's and 11 L's with the L center the sub will be either be quad L or Rel 200 E whereas i have a hard time choosing a receiver i need some serious help on that. I will probably be using the Cambridge Audio 640 C as a cd player since even an entry level cd player performance is better then a midrange dvd player on cd playback.
Back to main subject what would you think wil match up great with Quad L speakers Marantz 5400 ose ? Marantz 7400? nad 762 ?denon 2805 ? somebody spoke about a brand called "Vincent" Vincent sv 388 "as a receiver" they say its extremely musical whereas it has the power to run any speakers has anybody heard of it i saw it but didnt test it yet its a huge piece off equipment around 25 kilograms.

I am leaving rotel 1056 the arcams 250 and 300 and the nad 773 out of the list since they are out of my budget but any other suggestions and comments for the above mentionned will be highly appreciated.

thanks in advance
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