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I am currently in the process of purchasing my first HDTV along with Hi-def accessories and am having trouble determining exactly what I need for a receiver. I was looking to keep costs down on the audio side of things but also maintain quality. It was suggested to me that I purchase a Yamaha HTR-5740 Receiver. So I figured I would round that out with a purchase of the YHT-450 Home Theater System to make things nice and simple. The problem I am having is that the gentlemen at the store told me it would be adequate to handle three components using Monster cable digital coaxial cable, but yet I only see one digital coax input/output. I plan on running my Xbox (with a Psyclone Component Video with Digital Optical Port connection and a TOSLINK Optical Connection), A DVD player, and my Sony VEGA HDTV (KDF-42WE655) all through the Yamaha receiver...Will this work with my current cables (Monster Video2 and Monster Cable Interlink Datalink100 cables) or do I need to purchase a ridiculously expensive receiver to make this work or will the one suggested work just fine? Oh and if it matters, all the digital coaxial cables say RCA digital connection...Does that imply that these cables work in any RCA input/output on a receiver or only via digital coaxial input/output? Please help me, I know very little about receivers and this new digital coaxial cable technology. This is really driving me nuts not knowing where to go from here.

Thanks so much for all of your help in advance...And sorry if I've asked some stupid questions...I'm new to all of this. Thanks again.


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It looks like the HTR-5740 has 3 digital inputs (1 coax and 2 optical). You will only be able to get a digital signal through these 3 inputs. In other words, you can't use any of the RCA (red/white) inputs on the receiver.

The optical inputs require an optical cable, which is a different cable than what you would use for the coax connection. Most DVD players support both digital connections (coax and optical).

Your TV does not need a digital connection. Just connect the Xbox with an optical cable and your DVD player with either a coax or optical cable.

This receiver doesn't appear to switch component video, so hopefully your TV has more than one component input.

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Thanks Nathan...Looks like I have some returns and exchanges to make. Truly appreciate all your help.

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Sounds like no exchanges are necessary.

Your DVD should have a Digital Coax out. Feed to HTR coax port.

Your Xbox cable has a TosLink Digital cable. Feed to HTR's Optical 1 port. Remember to go into audio settings on the Xbox dashboard and enable not only surround sound, but BOTH dolby digital AND DTS.

Your TV doesn't have a built in HD tuner from what I can tell, so as Nathan said, no reason to have digital audio. (chances are it doesn't even put out digital audio signal) So just run analog (L/R ; White and Red) cables from the 'audio out' of the TV to the HTR analog inputs under 'SAT' or 'TV'. (whichever input you want to use)

If the Xbox cable has a TosLink receptacle, but no cable, then, yeah, you'd need to swap one of those Coax Digital cables for a Optical Cable.


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