Suggestions on keeping my receiver cool


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I'm getting my first "real" HT started, I had a Bose before, & I've purchased my receiver, a Pioneer VSX 1014. The manual says to keep 8" over the top of the receiver for cooling & unfortunately my entertainment center will only give me 5", & it is enclosed in the back. My idea was to cut a hole in the back where the receiver was & install a small exhaust fan there. The only problem is, is that I can't find any fans quiet enough & small enough to fit in there, & if I were to use a PC fan, I don't know how to hook it up for power. I won't be able to put the receiver anywhere but where it's at in the cabinet. Any suggestions for a newb is appreciated.

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Cut the back of the entertainment centre from the bottem of the receiver all the way to the top of the unit and you should be ok.

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I ran into a similar probnlem when I got my Marantz--they want 8" top & sides, it got 0' side & about 5" top. I went to Radio Shack & got one of their 115VAC fans and a standard plug pigtail. I poked a hole in the rear of the entertainment center just above the receiver and mouted the fans there, then just plugged it into the switched power outlet. I can only hear it when I have the music turned way down, but the recevier is almost cool to the touch directly above the power supply even after hours of running.

The main thing to look for is a lower RPM, air flow doesn't need to be very high (I discovered this after getting one at 120CFM, but way too loud).

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Thank you very much, I had no idea you could go to the old local Ri-didio Shack & get stuff you can actually use!!! Again, thanx for the info, I'll be goin' after work.
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