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I am looking at purchasing a home theater system in the next couple of months. I have read through quite a few of the posts and have a couple of questions I hope you guys/girls can answer.

A lot of people are lauding Marantz. I have never heard of this brand. Is this available in retail stores?

I've been looking at the Infinity Alpha's if I can get the money together. What is the difference in sound quality between the C.M.M.D Alphas and the M.M.D Primus'? I can get my hands on Polk, Yamaha and JBL speakers too. I'm thinking Infinity because I like their car audio speakers.

For receivers I was looking at the Onkyo TX-SR702. However, from what I have been reading on the threads, it appears that Onkyo doesn't give a full wattage to each channel and runs rather hot. As an electronics novice, how can you test how many watts each channel puts out under a load? Is there a power tester type of tool that does this?

When looking at a receiver that has component video switching, how does the bandwidth play in? For example, the Onkyo TX-SR702 has 50MHz component video out, but some of the Denons have 100MHZ.

Thanks in advance for the help. I am building this system around DVD playback and gaming consoles.

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Bill, Welcome aboard.

Marantz is considered an audiophile line, they tend to cater to more discriminating tastes, and have been traditionally only distributed through speciality audio equipment dealers, not retail.

Recently, (within the last few years) they merged with Denon, so some believe that this merge may or may not have affected new unit quality/components. I have no real personal opinion on this.

I like to refer to the speakers of a system as the front line of the audio experience; they will be the most obvious component in the setup, covering over good signals or ignoring them completely if built poorly, or allowing even the subtlest nuance of a poor signal to at least have a chance to stand out if built well. Although certain brands are built with more accuracy in mind, in general any well built quality speaker should do a decent job. Therefore, the key is to audition them for yourself; that will be the determining factor.

As I mentioned in someone else's thread recently, Japanese brands have a tendency to unfortunately over inflated their spec values, to make the item look better on paper. (even Onkyo)

Take a look at this link, from StereoReview:

StereoReview's S&V

The 702 you ask about is not on there, but it does give you an idea of what it is you're asking; it is a very real problem that exists in the industry. As for personal testing, there's nothing you could do short of having professional test tone generators and the metering equipment to read the output.

Lastly, the bandwidth of Component video handling has to do with the amount of information that needs to be carried. The more information, the more bandwidth required to fit that signal in on that connector and not distort/destroy the information. Most signals scan at 60hz, but some displays from older computer applications and such will scan at lower rates, since less resolution was available to be generated back then. (think... PONG. LOL)


Refresh Rates when scanning video signals

Building up past the 60hz scanning range would theoretically 'protect' you for future proof industry upgrades. But it's hard to see where video will go from here, since HD signals although somewhat present, are far from the norm as is.

Hope this all helps, or at the least, gives you keywords to google.



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Marantz is available in retail stores, but only hi-fi type stores, no mass market chains carry it. It's worth digging up a local retailer though. I recently purchased a SR5400 in part from advice from this board and love it. Build and materials quality blows away the Onkyo IMHO.

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Thanks E and Chris.

After checking out the StereoReview link it appears that HK functions above its mfg specs. Is this true on the newer systems as well? I suppose HK has a bigger power supply. I'll check the boards though so I don't ask questions that already have answers.

If Marantz is more of an audiophile receiver, is this more for music or for movies? Is it a combo of both? I'm looking for movies over music.
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