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Not an amp you see every day.Abarca30
Subs wont workMark Brockman3
3 12" alpine type rKevin Duckwitz6
Kevin h or steve mYanks Fan5
Looking for a decent amp 1krms@2ohmssean2
Whats the build quality of the image dynamic idmax¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤16
Its not THAT cold out butsean25
What will happensean4
Loww notes, read this...[...Rovin...]10
FS: 50 Ft. 1/0 Shok Industries.Troy Jones84
So guys...what happened to ecoustics chat on AIM?:-)...I'm not gay but $20 20
Box for the 18" Alpha helpQuentin16
Fi SSD 15"/18" boxBassman39
Finally ordered....Caleb Lewis11
2 10" Alpine Type R Box & Review ...kyle21
Pics.. almost done with the new setup :-)...Mauricio Pinto10
Anybody remember these subssean9
12" brahma, 10" idmax, 1 12" l7 Is this a good idea? Advice...Treez31
Hows my setup?john demetri5
Free giveawayTroy Jones15
2 new vids of my system...just shittierMisterLDR9
DD EarbuDDsCozce tha don6
Need help with ampI'm not gay but $20 6
Which subs to get??Abarca2
2 new vids of my system. Enjoy...sean11
Where to download subwoofer bass TEST TONES?Jordan Donovan4
Pics.. UH OH!Mark Brockman21
Kinetik HC2000 under the hoodAbarca9
Building a system for the river.Matt Bradshaw8
Civic hatch spl vehichle?????kyle15
FWD from the OT section: Ecoustics Fantasy FootballPit1
Where can i findPaul Larrea5
Need some 1/0 and batteryTroy Jones5
Help finding subs.richard martinez5
Alpine 12" Type R Box Sizes - In a Van QuestionAbarca4
AudioPipe - 200A Manual Reset In-Line Circuit BreakerKevin Duckwitz12
RCA jacks or cd receiver??premier sound5
Very quick box questionseth jackson1
Kicker cvx 10'sThomas2
Need more baseloud aint ezy3
Ok. idc if yal hate. lolSPL Ninja19
HDC3 12 copper coils or aluminum?BernyMac11
Need specs for 2 cvr 12"s ported boxseth jackson4
Box for 2 15s in a vibe?Smith5
Recone CuriousityJoRdOn1
Video of my setup. watch!Eric Brantley17
In the mailsean36
Starting my new build soon:-)...sean5
Wiring helpQuentin2
Free Giveaway - 2 12 inch subs!!KT1
===Pics===Triple MT Box=== (lots of pics)¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤28
Alpine type R 15" vs. pioneer premier 12"Jordan Donovan5
0 gauge wire Steve Miller4
HO alt help..Snow6
Where chad lee's thread go???Abarca35
2nd battery hookup helpTroy Jones2
15" BTLs F/SMisterLDR1
Big three upgrademike sand3
Digital Design prices?Stavenmist31618
Ultra light MDF vs TrupandBlk10
UPS dropped off something.. literally haha.. PICSdBlk17
Box building tips.. help greatly appreciatedzack w5
Best way to port my box??Thomas7
Need Help 97 range roverNick T2
Is this a good buy?adam dillion5
Hows this set up sound?Wayne Hoffman14
Paper Cones and hornsSilver Mopar8
Rec. for RD apha's v2Steve Miller14
Which subskyle16
E-40 - Broke my rear view mirrorlOwLiFe36
Anyone know?Eric Brantley1
WHOA! .. Another package?¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤24
220 amp alternator to small?Quentin11
Whats double baffle on a enclosure?Nick Adams12
Class AB or D James Ng12
4 type r 10's?[...Rovin...]30
Canaan or anyone really...Chad Lee4
Chad LeeChad Lee19
Mike Sandsean10
Whats the best car audio website to buy from?kyle10
You know your speakers are official when[...Rovin...]21
Box buildersPaul Larrea9
Ported Subwoofer Tuning QuestionPaul Larrea8
Need Box Dimensions pleaseCaleb Lewis5
What amp if needed?Jordan Donovan4
Drum Bass FrequencySilver Mopar10
Stupid Amp Question (///Alpine)Mark Brockman22
HU for under $200Thieves30
Trunk rattle in a corsicaTyler11
Would the AQ2200D be to much power for 2 type r's 15"?Lil young Big smalls8
A change Of Head Units?Bassman32
Need help with 6th order bandpassadam dillion9
3 12'' Kicker L7's in a ported box!Paul Larrea3
Homemade Lizard, Has anyone done this or heard of it?Paul Larrea7
Mark BrockmanD-money14
I80 Closed Lincoln, NEQuentin3
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