Building a system for the river.


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i got a few questions on building a system to float down the salt river here in az.. how well do speakers normally hold up to water being put on them. im gonna seal the speaker pretty well to the box so no water can get behind it. also do u think a regular car battery would hold up to 5 hours of like a 400watt amp and 4 speakers

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try a portable boom box.

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Woah. 5 hours of 400w? It had better be a heck of a deep cycle battery. And you're going to use a 12v car battery in a high moisture atmosphere? I wouldn't be too concerned about the speakers. I'd be more worried about everything else subjected to the elements. In a car the battery is grounded. Floating on a river..........

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very well put

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that is a valid point ha..

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its possible but not worth it unless you were using an actual boat...

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Yes on an actual boat the electronics are protected from the elements and designed for that application. I just hope you're not sticking all this in a canoe or raft.

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me and a friend built an ice chest with speakers, head unit, and a small battery. it was loud as crap and the battery died JUST as we finished 4 hours of tubing. ill see if i can find some pics
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