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OT - Mark Brockman or any person who may knowMauricio Pinto2
I heard it from a friend whoooo......Quentin7
The bigger the box the better the subs sound?Mark Brockman17
**pics** little updateI'm not gay but $20 23
Has that dude hit 160 yet?I'm not gay but $20 20
Fi BTL 15 Fully Loaded $365Mark Scafetta6
~*~BEST BOX SIZE FOR RF~*~jake papa4
Rd sonance 12's vid part 2mets fan15
Help with subwooferJordan Donovan28
Vids of PWK Horn RF t1 12" PP 1000/1Jordan Donovan6
1200rms at 1 ohm 125 shipped! 2 daysmets fan9
Hahaha Check ITMark Brockman12
Got a big ol packageBassman326
RD Audio-----Enough is Enough !!!!!Abarca29
Help about kickersNick V6
Wiring 1 voice coil on a dvc subSean P1
Wanging wagon vidsean16
Couple builds, one wierd box I build...sean19
Alpine Type R Ported boxChuck M1
Are PIoneer TS-W3002D4 subs a good payne2
Well new sub ladies..Cozce tha don13
Let my mom use my ebay account...mets fan18
Don't hate on Lightning Audio...SomeDonnieDude7
~!~ a question that needs an answer ~!~jake papa8
Bandpass boxesdBlk23
How to build a ported box for two 15" L7Jon2
OT any one have f/sJoseph Kubiak4
What do you guys think?lOwLiFe14
Box for 3 type r 10s?Sean P1
Help building a systemjake papa16
Check out my first BUILD LOGMark Scafetta16
RD Audio Amp Questionsean6
Gonna be building a box toledo1
D@mnRichard Thicke10
OT: steve millerlOwLiFe4
Best size boxbasshead9111
Hifonics bxi-1610d amp good for 2 alpine type r 15"?[...Rovin...]10
What happened to my old thread???Cozce tha don12
Saggin Wagon Build Update (pics)dBlk12
I Need New MusicI- Malik30
More gear.. (pics)Quentin6
Voltage problemsQuentin7
Chad Lee...........M.S.17
Can i repair my subwoofer?hunterw11
Big problem.what does this sound like? very weirdmets fan12
Down firing sub enclosure?Paul Larrea4
Anyone ever seen this?¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤8
Front stage help!¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤18
Alpine type R vs RE audio SEx[...Rovin...]6
05 maxima with a ported boxlOwLiFe2
I got new batteriesdBlk7
Audioque Street Duty 2.5 QuestiondBlk5
Nakamichi PA-1500ted nunya4
Got a shippment of 1/0ga in for the Avalanche...Wickedbass5
Sub keeps clippingmets fan11
OT: RD alpha componentsJulian13
My new amp.mets fan6
Vid of my sonancesmets fan11
Jake you did an isobaric design if i remember correctlyjake papa5
Jake papasean1
Alpine type r's or Audioque 2.5 12's?Bassman38
Which setup would you do?sean17
Top 20 Bass Songs DL¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤5
Type r, type r, type r, type r, type r[...Rovin...]4
I finally decided on my amp for the 8 12'ssean1
Upgrading systemSmith2
What's all the best stuff to go with alpine type r'sWayne Hoffman5
Alpine Type X or R, and what amp?Mark Brockman2
Component build logMauricio Pinto14
Adding second coil: increase power handling and Bl, lower Fs?Jordan Powell1
Box build picsStavenmist31624
Music weight ...sean12
Should I buy my alpine type r's 4 ohms or 2 ohms???[...Rovin...]5
Should I buy my type r's 4 ohms or 2 ohms???RD is god2
Front stage help!justin loew1
Low Ohm loadsBassman34
First System!! Please elp me!! Bassman310
Quick question..Bassman33
BL 15 Box BuildSmith6
Will this amp work for 2 12inch alpine type r'sCozce tha don3
OT- everyone but Brad and Berny--- No Fegs allowed!¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤8
Sub keeps clippingdavid lance1
Bridge two amps to three subshunterw7
~@~box cube~@~[...Rovin...]10
I have a zx750.1 amp, want to know should i get 2 12" kicker cvr or...Snow79
Is this a good price $100 for two 12" Diamond audio D3's that i'am ...mike sand3
Parts Express Tent Sale 2009Jacob Fuller11
I need help, amp turning off when volume turned up, can't figure it...Jon8
4x Sundown SA-12s - 154.7 dBJacob Fuller9
Need suggestions for a 5k amp or more¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤48
Someone help me ??? :-(...¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤31
Temp box question for sonancesjim ivey6
AudioQue SD2.5/HD3 and SDC2.5/HDC3DJ Langford9
~@~box cube~@~¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤2
Kenny's TacomaWickedbass20
Specs on old mojoThe Future1
SQ 2-4 Channel AmpsAbarca4
0wrmsWhat would you do?Snow12
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