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DEI ?? DEI ?? DEI ?? DEI ??jim1
MTX Amp question(Glasswolf?)Scotty4
Alpine or JBLDoug1
AMP - SUBGavin2
THD? OHMS?GlassWolf3
Amp voltsRobert J11
Hifonics BX1500D and alternatorDeadman1
Suggestions on Amps for new Infinity System Anonymous1
Amp for infinity speakersSig Pikul9
Amp identificationjoao ferreira10
Two amp problemszach10
Need Help with amp.smokeit7
Rockford Amp Problem marc caywood8
Amps n stuffDeadman7
Engine Noise Problem--John Smith19
Confusing with 3 SubsJohn Smith1
Power For Polk/MoMosJonathan2
Best way to wire a 4 channel amp?Kenny2
Help for subwoofer ampsDerek M. Speer6
Buzzing Noise Through Front SpeakersJustin Davis10
Opinions on this systemAnonymous6
Power for my Infinity's cainer8
What amp to power my subs?Anonymous2
Reversing Polarity On SubsGlassWolf4
Could someone help meGlassWolf10
Amp questionCory Choate8
Phoenix GoldBLADE1
2what to buysomeone13
Thermal Rating Question?Jonathan10
Overheating Problem, Advice PleaseJonathan4
Effectivness of a solobaric L7 DVC 4ohm at 8 ohm???Anonymous8
Amps? anyone? glass?Jonathan2
What's the difference between...Braminator6
Xtant ampsdumbmofuk7
Profile Ampsits_bacon123
Boss ava 650 car amp 160x4GlassWolf2
NEED battery TERMINALDavid Meyer1
Need a good ampMike Minnitte1
Good deals on ampsAnonymous3
Should I get an Alpine or JBL amp?Anonymous3
MTX 1500D & two 12' JL audio 6wv2Anonymous5
Need a good ampJonathan8
HOW MUCH POWER???someone5
Mono/stereo amp wiringjose4
JL Audio 300/4 & 500/1 Power Wiring Questionjose9
12W7 and a Jl 500/1 or JL1000/1jose3
What amperage fuse do I needjoao ferreira14
Help in Amp choice for Type Rits_bacon123
Head unit problemsits_bacon124
Ppi art series ampsGlassWolf4
Amp for pioneer premier 5000wattits_bacon125
JL or Kicker??its_bacon125
How do you rate alpine v12 amps?lil rhiny2
Sony cd changerDonald R2
This forum needs to be deleted from the internetGlassWolf16
Rockford fosgate ampsbookman74
Does anyone know what happened to the threads?whats up3
Comp speakers and amp to power themGlassWolf3
What's going on?Anonymous2
Help With Old Amp! Rodek :-)...Anonymous3
Amp for a Pair of 10" Orion H2mac1
Amp helpJoey5
Need Advice on System (Jonathan/Glasswolf/Anyone Else)GlassWolf3
Amp for a Pair of 10" Orion H2Anonymous3
KICKER Solo Baric Encloser ????Annoynymous7
What's the best?Andrew9
Box questionits_bacon128
Help!!! Sony xm-d1000p5 amp deadGlassWolf18
Custom ComponentsAnonymous10
MTX SVC 6000 & Pioneer 4ch 400w amp???Spud1
Is cuspid good?Josh Lane8
Dashboardsrob cabral3
H2, W7, or MTX 9500? Amp?Joey4
RF 1001Bd stable @ 1 ohm? Glasswolf?Anonymous3
Mtx 6001 mono ampdsugg01@sprintpcs.co3
Pheonix gold Octane R 8.0-4 4ch amp?!!? glasswolfLouis Franklin4
Question about the system im thinking about puttin inDEMIGOD3319
Breakin Time for SpeakersSig Pikul4
The Epicenter by AudioControlGlassWolf4
Which JL amp to run a pair of 12" JL W7's?Jonathan16
Off Topic but others are closed JL vs Infinity 6X9Mike George5
What amp for these speakersAnonymous2
A newb with a car audio ?Anonymous3
Uh oh.. blown amp?Patrick Lorenz4
Few questions .. plz help!Patrick Lorenz8
Car Audio ran by AC outlet???Anonymous4
Help with jl setupWingsfan028
Amp Overheating, advice needed (glasswolf)Tyler Durden5
Wire questiondavids20045
Help in picking an Amposc10
Amp advicelonghorn8271
Amp comparrisonjim10
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