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This sub any good?premier sound21
What song????Torn Saechao7
2-ohm and 4-ohm Subwoofers Torn Saechao2
They did itphillp4
Maybe too cheapraymond aparicio9
New car :-)...Daniel says1
4k rms at 2 ohmsmatt7
Question about some ohmage.Brad Warren7
12" Q VS. 12" BLpremier sound3
1000wrms 2ohm stableC. Reming5
HD3 scores? premier sound4
Quick comparison...premier sound25
Ported.....orr notIcePick5
Cd Player Bassmwyant2
TC SOUNDS OEM 10"Joel WIllemain1
A few Q'sraymond aparicio16
Audiobahn a8000t helpC. Reming2
New shoes for the explorer :-) (piks)...Paul Larrea24
Setting GainsTechnique2
New System For My New Whip...cam18
Quick QuestionBeN9
2 Boxes For Sale! John Wheeler5
Box???John Wheeler2
HEY PAULKingXOfXCleveland1
? about db meterTremor112714
Sub enclosurePaul Larrea32
Finallyy!!!!!!!raymond aparicio11
Plate ampSnarl20042
Looking into an upgradeOrange 938
Ice T. MeyersIce T. Meyers11
This doesnt make any senseOleg29
Do i need an EQ?Big_Edge_Head2
Treo Prices?TiggerBoi875
DD subsRyan kirk3
Single 15 BTL setupTiggerBoi8721
Solo Baric L7 or something different?ctmike20
Spl question{Mr. KingRob}2
2 kicker CVR's or 1 L7?matt10
Ever ran atomic? J B16
Decent size compJ B1
Dash SpeakersNate So7
Pioneer DEH-P6800MP for sale again. 140 shippedIce T. Meyers7
Where to buyWooferCooker5
OT-Heres My SituationBeN2
Got copper????{Mr. KingRob}14
Kicker subwoofher Box specKanishka Somaratne3
DD pricing?Liqdfire333
What car wax do you use?Chad Lee25
Help w/ ampJamie3
OT-Video Cameras (Test Movie)Polo5
OT: Home made lowering springs.Chad Lee16
What do you thinkJoshua Moye7
Metered My system Yesterday killerzracing7115
Looking for a custom sub boxFisherCustoms.com9
Looking for a cheap set of speakersDustin Pettit24
Component setup quick question?!?!? Answer please lolKiLLa5
Anyone Live near Evansville, IN??????KiLLa37
Some 9912'sSkieS5
Warm subM.S.19
ExcursionSPLcraZe4Life160db B17
MN db meteringDr. Destroyer7
New Battery, ALT or SOMETHINGM.S.11
Atomic Quantum 10" 600RMS Joey DeSalvo23
Fi subsPaul Larrea9
Little question to askraymond aparicio8
Ogle and Blanfords Attempts Dunking A Basketball Joe Blanford40
Infinity or rockford? what you all thinkIcePick15
Logan Has a Few Things Forsale..Logan17
Good HatchbacksOleg37
Two last questions before I buy....Reece Brassler9
Some ideas anyone?J B1
Joe's New Monsta Is In !!! Joe Blanford17
DB toy from WalmartYanks Fan11
Re-soldering tinsel hookups?nick high3
Just got a 13 Ov.2Lake Gates10
Should i use rear fillBig_Edge_Head11
NEW Ported Box PIX JK14
HU volume problemmwyant6
Arsenal Box Specs?John Wheeler22
Massive Audio DMX 15 vs. Hifonics Goliath 3215Kevin Holden5
Canaan, another questionMat Dope *****12
Box DesignSPLcraZe4Life160db B3
Anyone live near Rochester, NYEddy DieZe12
Custom ideas please.....Andrew Capps13
Safe to run only 1 set of VC on each sub??rick quigley13
HelpJ B15
Wiring QuestionTWiZTiD4
How many watts should i seeSinful Systems Inc.10
Ha ha, i told Scott Atwell who he is....lolYanks Fan26
Funny stuffJordan5
MTX Subs? any comments on them?Jordan5
How much is it worth?aaron carpenter7
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