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Will this be ok???Andy19
Have amp need help!!!!Jason Templeman9
2 alpine type R 12" subs , what amp should i use?[...Rovin...]2
I need a little helpcraig6
My Brother Want Car Audio System .Night Mirage16
US Amps I/S series recallkklagge1
Has anyone ever heard of a UL2800 ?juliob6
Hifonics Brutus AmpJosh Smith5
Which amp?Chris Pekelnicky1
Elemental Designs juliob2
Two 12" ALPINE TYPE RRigo Gomez15
Helpty mutlow2
Amp install Q'sAndy4
Does anybody know the name of it?gage ware3
How would it sound?killer8
Soundstream ctmike5
Need amp helpJeffrey Both7
Help, two 12 P3's - two 1000w x4channel amps...bridge?Stephen Dunno1
SPL amps any goodOptidriven6
Whats wrong with my VOLTAGE???John Fiacchino15
At home.Alex Toll1
I want more boom without using any more spacebob barker5
2 AMp or 1 ampty mutlow4
600d or bx605d?[...Rovin...]3
Need a new amp 400, 500, or 600 wattsBryce Mitchell16
Need Info on hooking up my amp and speakers?Bryce Mitchell2
Amp doesnt work!!!!!!!scott sharpe18
Hifonics 1500d question? Jeffrey5
$300 for entire install / how does that sound ?MO21
Gauging InterestB3
Mark Antony Amps for sale!!!!!alteraudiousa10
*sniff* *sniff* recomend me something, my setup SUCKSjuliob17
I need your opinion on this ampBryce Mitchell3
How do you calculate the watts from amps? how can you see how many ...BrAd GiLmAn3
Anyone heard of DHD amps?bob barker4
Amp recommendation for 12" RE XXXjohnny lemoine6
Zapco amps??mikechec92
Subs won't play thru RCA's from headunitEric Sony2
Off Topic---Nero 7 version 5.4Chauncey Brown3
Amp recommendation for 12" RE XXXTy Lopez1
Problem with remote wire turning on amp malo5
Directed Audio or US Amps?alteraudiousa5
Amp hookupJason Templeman1
Profile????ryan emmons4
What amp do i need for thisChad Lee5
How to connect speakers to amp?B6
Zapco THE BESTJoseph Kubiak2
Eclipse vs JL ampsJoseph Kubiak3
Brax, Helix, McIntosh...Ruthless4
Zapco amp missing 2 contact screwskoz4
Ur Choice ?koz2
How good are Lanzer amps?Andy23
How to power 2 amps?Andy4
Running 2 batteriesBrett1
NEED a 700-800 watt rms @ 4 ohm amp for my ID MAX 12MO33
Selling my Memphis 1000.1 PRD-Here is the link.John1
RE 12.1 ProblemsDustin7
I need some help pleaseChris Black4
Good amp choice for havoc?B16
I have a question.juliob2
-->Amp Wiring <--money10
I have a question.justin jones1
What are the classes of amps??B2
Which amp would u recommend...????Juvenile33
How much power do i need?ty mutlow4
As the most of you said ( Kicker&JL )Night Mirage5
Which System is better ???lucas beckner29
Amp and sub suggestionsgrebnereon14
Info on new Alpine PDX series ampsCameron5
Better than JL?Dustin29
What amplifier should i need/use?joe black15
Kicker subwoofer in my mercedes c240Anthony4
Need Help/Opinion On Car Subwoofer & Amplifierjuliob3
I need more power!!B7
2 JL 500/1's for saleBrandon45
4 channel amp suggestion for components Tony Blah6
Install question?Jerome Cochran7
Most efficient amps for the price? zapco, PPI, crossfire, hifonics,...juliob5
Kenwood AMPS??? KAC-9152d?Seth Lowe5
Selling my Memphis 16-prd-1000.1 amp.John3
Blowing fuses...B6
Amp wiring in boatRick9
Hifonics...?Lee Viera3
WHAT DO U RECOMMED FOR 2 INFINITY 1230 watts (12')alteraudiousa3
Protection LIGHT AHH!!!B2
Profile amps any go0dty mutlow2
Massive Audio!!!!Luciano Batista1
Thinkin about a new set upMarcus Thompson3
Rovin or sum1......TJ3
Help picking which amp ( for 2 12' INFINITY SUBS)[...Rovin...]2
Phoenix Gold Xenons??Polo10
How to hook up 3 amps???youhanzhang4
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