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15" Eclipse Aluminum Subwoofer on EBAY!!lucas beckner5
Eclipse 9122 tilucas beckner25
Help....QUICKb p6
15 Kicker CVX vs 15 RE SX lucas beckner5
Orion vs. KickerChris Person1
F/s premier deh-p770mpjoe1
Wiring Subsblaine westropp6
Off topic.....Logitech Z-5500 Owners|!¤*'~`NE$TER`~'*¤!|18
New orion audio@lex1
Static coming from tweeter when car is off ...Trevor Eaton1
Looking for the best sub for $200Mike Johnson26
Just got my solo x 12"Greeney18883
Sonic impact try itsean1
My newest toy on the waysean3
Reversing subsGlassWolf5
Image Dynamics ID12 v.3 D2 / 2 of these off 500 rms / JONATHAN MO29
Wired correctly?James Longo10
Future shop?Isaac2
Box materialSimon J Casey5
Trunk airspaceS.P.D3
Sub box questionsNight Mirage5
What is the reason my Optima Red Top died?dougls j rowland12
In dash dvdCasey Wood1
New sub Anonymous1
Subsonic filter setting for Kicker CompVR'sMO7
Kicker CompVR Sub Box for sale. Brand newTaylor Gray9
Kicker Comp CVR12 SUB 12" dvc 2 ohmDerek Englehart21
I don't know what to dooooEric Sony6
I got my Sx 15s today!.'~DAYE£?~'.2
Anyone live in cleveland OHIO?blaine westropp8
Final decisionBo Ellis1
Subs Create Electricity?
Best car in its price rangeThomas White37
Has anyone heard of a brand ASI subs?scorpio41101
55hz Michael Anthes11
Is there a such thing as too big of a box?Polo13
Need help!hunter James10
Anyone using bandpass anymore?Polo3
Off topic-underbodykillerzracing7111
What does BL mean?Joseph Lewis9
This 1 dude claimd he hit 154.4dbGlassWolf25
True or notGlassWolf6
Down Firing SubsGlassWolf9
Which direction should i go with GlassWolf2
Which sub(s)Josh17
Dayton mkIII vs. avalanchealteraudiousa3
Help me make up my mind becuase i sure can't do it!!!James2
This Grown Man Is CRYING..... HELP PLEASEEEE...James15
Ascendant audio arsenals?James2
1997 monte carloCaovairo3
The arsenals are ON THEIR WAY!|\/|aTT |F12
What is better Alpine R or Kicker CVR ?Taylor Gray14
Frequency settings for amp and sub Kicker CompVRTaylor Gray1
Mind made up...finally!Casey Wood15
Need help with sub sizes (comp and solo's)marshall white3
Can I find what my box is tuned to with a mic of some kind?»»» DrUnkBoB «««15
Hey alteraudio?B25
Does anyone know how the Arsenal performs?Trevor Eaton6
32" subwoofer (not a typo)Mark Highland15
Off topic... electric fan by enginebassman39
Up for sale!ryan emmons35
Whats the differenceDustin5
Settings..marshall white3
Port tuning|!¤*'~`NE$TER`~'*¤!|4
Whats better an louder Chauncey Brown4
Sub box building help!!/\/\ike15
Clipping?Raymond Keith Jones17
Revised system ne good?killer5
Selling my subs anyone interested check me outDemon Pride24
Gague wire?Kirk Tajirian3
Re sx 15'' for saleJK10
What can you do with blown subs Anonymous14
Sites on Square port tuning?.'~DAYE£?~'.3
Sub size recommendations please.....[...Rovin...]10
Help picking out subsAnonymous2
How muck louder would a SX be vs a SE?James4
Placement of new subs. Opinions wanted.[...Rovin...]3
New kickeralteraudiousa9
Ripped Surround JL W7T.J.12
What sub does the RE SE's spl side compare to?Anonymous2
Off topic- WiFiJake Davis13
Think I blew my type xChad Lee8
Performance Teknique?Polo9
DONT hook this up to your amp!Lewass26
500 dollar budget mark c.14
Is this overpriced?|\/|aTT |F17
Kicker CVR what sound should I expect?Anonymous15
StrangeChauncey Brown12
Havocs for saleNemen1
Boss Amps are Amazing!!!B8
TreblePeter andy23
4 jlaudio 12 w6v2 and confusedChad Lee7
Chancey, where do you workChad Lee57
Can i wire thisThomas E Miller9
Whatta u think?joe7
Best bang for your buck SQsean5
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