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Volfenhag amp and Audiobahn sub problems.Lucky10
Orion 8004 Wiring diagramJames1
12W7 and 500:1 compatible ?Anonymous16
Phase shift, crossoverChris Engarde6
.Dual amplifier installation??killer2
Need help, 2 12"s, 2 10"s, 2 980w ampsSteve Oooooo3
Will MTX 421d accept a balanced differential signal?yoyopol1
Isaac just recieved my PPI a600.2 today/ QuestionIsaac6
$500, Need Budget System!!!!Lucky10
Stock Head unit w/ built-in amp???Josh Purcell2
Linear power ampsBlaster5
I need help with amp settingsIOWA HAWKEYES2
Good 4 chan amp that gives 4 x 150 rms ? Rovin12
Alpine MRD-M1005 or JL Slash 500.1Rovin14
Settings for amp??nick baker2
Glasswolf or anyone need some adviceeddie Tavarez1
Does anybody own an audiobahn A8002T amp?? got ? about it...dustin alan legrady3
Ground loop questionBryan Swegman3
200 amp alt. enough for 6000 watts?Jerrod Wray6
Subwoofer box building help!Anonymous2
Important question....Issac or Glasswolf?97BuickSkylark8
RE SX 15 w/box on ebay - Item number: 5821539527MO13
U can still get to the subwoofer threads...Trevor Eaton1
Need amp dynadio,jl 10"Rovin5
Decent amp?Rovin3
Replaceing rca Inputs on an ampNeed4Bass4
Need help setting crossoverTrey Tucker2
Jl audio policy on refurbs..will they fix my ampkillerzracing7110
$300 Amp scuba steve24
This amp any good???Isaac5
JL Audio 6w0 Jonothan IssacIsaac5
Performance Head UnitsJustin Baker3
Image Dynamics CXS62 Chameleon / EBAY ebay item # 5820861191 /MO8
The best way to hook up two 12" and one 10"Donni3 D5
How many watts will my amp provide using 4 subs?Eric Peemoeller5
HO alternator questionIsaac W.7
Need an amp for 600 rms @ 1 ohmIsaac W.10
Tru Technology?Rovin5
Anyone try out RE's 12.1 amp yet...rob preg1
Hifonics vs. MA AudioRovin13
Crazy Amp Price!!!! Another One From Best Buy!!!Young James11
Quick alternator questionChauncey Brown2
Anyone ever heard of Alumani. Chauncey Brown4
Kicker KX350.2Tekniqal28
OhmJustin Baker1
Dynomating 2000 Integraucfsaxman2
Newbie, please help out.Rovin2
Ppi art a600.2 or jl audio 300/2 for components???LiL Jon6
Legacy/Dual!Chauncey Brown2
Pioneer is weird!nick_sq3
1000 Watt RMS AmpRovin2
RE12 vs. CVR12Chris Person4
InsigniaAlex K1
Kenwood ampsBryan Swegman1
How to hook-up 2 amps, maybe diagramErrik M. Kelly3
Earthquake Vs. PGRyan4
AMP for JL Audio 13W6v2 13.5"ucfsaxman3
Suggestions on amps??Titan BK3
Whats wrong with my amp?B10
Alpine subs - what amp?Rovin7
Pre-amp output ratings on head unitRovin12
LEGACY----Glasswolf or Issac?Isaac16
Kicker or JL amp?Tripp Garvin3
How do i make my subs hit hardermatt hermsen1
What type of Amp should i getLukas Hoffman6
Which amp to choose?Grapefruit3
How should i wire my systemLucky2
Phoenix gold ampsJack3
What the heck is up with this?Raymond Keith Jones5
Quick Amp QuestionChauncey Brown3
Isaac - Optima Yellow Tops (contd from other thread)Seth Lowe4
Would this be safe...BIG ed7
Amp for SXmarshall white8
Amp Power Cable, Rcs, etc.blakktalon2
How to hook-up 2 amps, maybe diagramJoe Meyer1
2ohm & 4ohm can i mix?DonaldLawrence8
What amp. should i useTyler Lecroy3
I need some adviceBilly11
GlassWolf / what do you have to say about thisIsaac13
Problem With Amp Powerscuba steve2
1993 Saturn sl2Jexx2
Yellow top battery questionSeth Lowe26
I really could use some suggestions on what amp to get!!Seth Lowe7
PGX600.1 vs. KX600.1James G4
Are avionnix amp any goodChauncey Brown3
Questions on ohmsChauncey Brown4
Polk Audio??Chauncey Brown5
Thanks for the......Rovin3
Bridging???Chauncey Brown2
ADVICE ON AMPChauncey Brown23
Whens to much power bad? And a competing question?Jake Davis6
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