12W7 and 500:1 compatible ?


Dealer says the 500:1 Slash will work with the 12W7 I'm getting ?
Two others made no reference to it not being adequate when looking for quotes either!!

AMP experts help me out here. If I can get buy with the 500:1 and the savings thats fine.
Any other JL preferred suggestion welcomed as well.

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It will work. I will be an underpowered situation for that sub. You can either upgrade to the JL 1000.1 or back that sub down to a W3 or something similar. I would personally go for the 1000.1 with that sub. It would sound great, but it is expensive. You could also get 2 500.1s and put one on each coil, but that can get tricky.

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only option if you want just JL is the 500/1 or the 1000/1. the 12w7 is a single voice setup at 3ohm. it is a duel voice coil sub but it is factory setup at 3ohm via the only set of plugs on the speaker. the 500/1 would work very well in all reality.....but the 1000/1 would work taht much more....both are great amps and i know you will be happy with the way it will sound with either.

I was hopeful the 500/1 was adequate as I don't have the $$$$ to pay retail on a 1000/1 and e-bay I've never done so I'm skeptical on dropping $600 -$700 there as well for a 1000/1

Looks like a 500/1 can be had there alot cheaper as well, but never having the experience I'm not sure of it all.

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Well why not get the 13w6 which is about $150 cheaper too


so the 500/1 amp would be a perfect match to it ...

That was my "initial" desire and everyone of the JL dealers said (dump) on that W6, its just a glorified W3. One Dealer raved about it though and said the claims the older version W6 being better was not true IHO.
Thus I was directed to the W7 for $175 more.

Going nuts with this shi!! at this point (lol)

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1000.1 or 500.1 isnt your only option. Phoenix Gold Xenon 1200.1 pushes 1200 watts at anywhere from 1-4 ohms, too. JL isnt the only maker with an amp that pushes steady at various ohm loads.

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Look like they want u to spend some more $ to full their pockets .
Don't know how they can honestly give crappy advice when anybody can see that W7 will be under -"potential" with 500wrms ....

Read the reviews on that same link i showed as well as read reviews on other sites & u will not see a single bad review . Only thing anybody can honestly say Upload bad is the price....

Well I researched the W6 solid for a week and found only a couple bad reviews. Found it odd that the three dealers were negative, and one raved about. Maybe one wanted "any" sale and the others trying to up the anty as you mentioned.

That Phoenix Gold Xenon 1200:1 a reputable amp as suggested.

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Actually a 500/1 is plenty for a 12 W 7. Even the JL tech support will will agree with that.

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the w6 line subwoofers are said to be one of the best sounding subs out there.. and being a 13" sub would get reasonably loud they can also be used in very small enclosurese effectively

I was originally going to scoop up (2) 12W6 on e-bay for $569 but I'm not familiar with the risk in doing so. Two for the price of one sounded rather nice.Just dont know anyone who has done the e-bay route on JL stuff to ease my doubts enough !!

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hey, save ur self some money and go with the 10w7 or spend the extra cash on the ho box they are a perfect match

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i've bought the Jl XR components off ebay new and I haven't had any problems. you should really consider the 13w6. i have some w3v2's and i originally wanted a couple w6v2's but it wouldn't work w/ the amp i have. so i went w/ 3 w3's. but i have heard the w6v2 on several occasions and they sound awesome. the first w7 i heard were 2 10 w7's and i was blown away. the 10 w7 would be perfect for the 500/1

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Ebay is good to buy from, just check out the sellers feedback score. If the sellers score isnt above 99.4, then i dont buy from them, especially if its electronics. Some people get negative feedback because the buyer doesnt know how to work a computer and complains about miscommunication. So its up to you to decide who you should buy from on ebay. Its really easy to tell who has the right stuff and who doesnt.

I have always wondered where they get all this expensive crap, and then sell it for dirt cheap prices. Its like they hi-jacked a distribution center on wheels...lol

Well I understand e-bay purchases from manufacturers that allow on-line sales or are authorized internet. Being JL does "not" fall in to either category is my reason of concern.

There are various loop hole ways to get the product on line or through unauthorized means.
Dealers are being watched to make sure they don't tranship to other venues for distribution all the time. Its just you have legitimate reason to include, stolen, tampered, used, refurbished into the equation. Not to mention no JL warranty.

I see what seems to be legite e-bay sellers of JL stuff with very few negatives. I just don't want to be the 5% guy who drops $1,500 and gets burned. I'm really tempted though as I can get all I want for 70% of retail.
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