Whens to much power bad? And a competing question?


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Ill be getting front compenet speakers that are 70 rms; however, the distributor of that line of equipment (Helix) said you need alot more power to get them to really shine, so They'll be getting 200rms each as this is what he reccomened is this a bad thing? as the amp is totally clean power he said you wont get distortion from too much power...you'll get distortion from not clean enough power................can you wreck them over a long playing period? (2 hours or so?)
And say you compete in db drab, will cranking up you stereo during the comp wreck your tweeters?..Never had any so I dont know about protecting them


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when you compete, pull the REM wires to your mids/highs amps. (or put a switch on them)

that way your sub amp(s) can get more current.

running a 70wrms mid w/ 200wrms is just asking for trouble (if your a volume monkey)...you can do it, just dont crank the volume....what you are getting w/ putting 200wrms on those speakers is "head-room". (personnally, i wouldnt give them 200wrms...maybe 100-125 at the very most!)

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..a switch is great Ill get that done never even though that is was drawing power cause it is, Ill just get a kill swicth for my speaker amp!

yeah cause I told him that(im a demo car for them)
that it will be turned up as I will be demoing the speakers.....what exatly is "head room"

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.....what exatly is "head room"

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room for upgrade (I think)

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Head room is having extra wattage so when you're listening to your speakers at their specified RMS, you're not maxing out your amp. When you start maxing out your amp, you'll start clipping and tweeters tend to die pretty fast from clipping.
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