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I need help with my amp Kenwood KAC-606jonathan alonso1
A kind of Basic Amp/ Pre out Voltage Related QuestionDave Osuna1
Ground Wire.Bryn Mountford3
Messed up ampIsaac5
18dB slope better than 12dB slope for subGlassWolf3
Amp for my subsQuick Shot 4ever10
4 ampsIsaac4
JL 500/1Tim Shouder6
Kenwood vs. Hifonics....amp help13
Kicker/power acoustik opinion.....Jack13
Orion hcca 150GlassWolf9
Amp problem....very urgent Chris16
Need help with finding an amp.Jack2
What amps to pic??Dirk Schluck1
Fan Set UpBetard Fooser6
HP and LPF setting: ATTN: Glasswolf,Jonathan etc.Aaron Hobbs5
Check itChris8
Quick QuestionIsaac7
Amp troubleRoy T S1
Looking to buy...Ricky Lussier4
Need an Amp for 2 Alpine SWR-1242D'sMark S18
Bass Boost Adjusting: Amp or HU???David Brunner8
ED.9 v. RE ampQuick Shot3
Amp helpQuick Shot5
Circuit breakersGlassWolf2
I have a memphis classd amp, adviceJack6
Cadence amps?? any good?Jack2
RE 12.1 vs Ed Nine.1Cody Chambers4
Amp Power Switch HookupBetard Fooser3
Six speakers into one amptom jones3
Amp always in protectGlassWolf4
JBL amp power but no soundJeff Raybould5
Trouble shootingJosh Arenson3
I need to connect a rockford fosgate amp 360 watts running on 2 ohm...Jack7
Blowing Fuses On My ORION HCCA 225Jason Polmanteer31
Need some expert opinionsQuick Shot4
Gold members - What's your websiteJake Hill2
Why do Amplifiers clip? and how could i avoid / reduce that?GlassWolf5
Strapping 2 brutus amps togetherGlassWolf4
How many channels of audio are on a CDGlassWolf2
Rca ouput on ampmarc longpre7
Parts for crappy ESA ampsIsaac2
Over Current?Matt M13
Somebody please helpandrew barrio12
My amp has no output but powers onChris Courtemanche1
Rockford Fostgate punch 500sQuick Shot5
Glass - IssiacTim14
Running amp bridged halves ohm rating?!?!?!Ryan O'Brien5
Is it ok to use 1 amplifier to power my subwoofer?Jack5
Kaption audioGlassWolf3
What's the correct setup in watts? (which should be higher than the...Panamanian7
Help Somethings Bad Wrong!Joey Ingle8
Whats the raa 1000 volt ratingJack2
Can I run amp without head unit?GlassWolf10
Newbie questionadam snider8
Hooking two amps up can someone plz helpadam snider2
What are these led's on the amp?Ian8
Some help. (SERIOUS comparison, not just 'what if' or 'wondering')...Seth Lowe7
Kicker 12 l7 SmokesJ-Dubb8
Pass throughsBryn Mountford2
Question about 1 channel ampBryn Mountford4
2 ohm or 4 ohm for an old sub?Hi im drummer035
JBL BP1200.1Quick Shot2
4-channel amp...Jordan Solyon3
What kind off amp?MuddyWaters4
Amp QuestionsShadowFox9
How to wire 15" sub to this amp properly.Bryn Mountford6
Amp and sub what am i doing???Steven Hayes6
How powerful amp for my sub?LivinLoud76
Some wiring questions againMike2
Kenwood amps: Good for the money?Mike4
Will this amp be good for these subs?LivinLoud72
Amp problemsMartin Cobb1
How come its not as LOUD???Anonymous3
Amp problem/question...rh5
Elemental Designs NINe.1 vs. Orion 1200DJoe Smoe11
Please Help, amp is giving problem!!!!!!Brian5
Gold members - What's your websiteGlassWolf6
Capacitors really that badGlassWolf6
Is this amp good 4 my subs helppAnonymous1
Looking for old school power?Bryn Mountford1
Stinger RCA's for sale!!!Ryan1
JL 500/1 or Audiobahn A1300HCTMarcus Thompson5
Preout Voltage for head unit and amplifier? Help PleaseBryn Mountford6
ACC fuseBryn Mountford2
How do you bridge an amp?Bryn Mountford8
P imp My Ridejoseph coulson32
How many amps to buyGlassWolf2
Jl 1000/1. 4 ohms, 1000 watts is thsi true?David stevens6
HIFONICS Brutus BX1000DRicky Lussier5
JL 1000/1!! answersGlassWolf4
Need amp? Anonymous9
Eclipse 3321 Vs. DLS A3Jonathan5
What about these amps?Ricky Lussier15
1600 watt ampseth brown20
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