How do you bridge an amp?


I have a two channel amp which is bridgeable at 4 ohms. How do I do that?

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take the pos from one chanell and the neg from the other and hook them up to one wire going to your sub. It should say bridged on your amp and have two arrows going to one side pos and one side neg.

I have two MTX 7500 subs. Whats the best way to hook them up. And how do I hook two of them up to a bridged amp? Or do I not need to?

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no need for bridging with a 2 channel amp and two subs.
just put one on each channel
same result

This is my amp...
* 2 Channel 2000 Watt Amp
* 2000 Watts Max Power
* Bridged RMS @4 Ohm: 1000 W.
* Bridgeable at 4 Ohms Only
* Top Mount Controls
* Polished Chrome & Plexiglass
* Remote Control Bass Booster
* Adjustable Crossover Network
* Soft Turn On/Off Circuit
* 2 Ohm Stereo Stable
* Bridgeable into 4 Ohms
* Mosfet PWM Power Supplies
* Variable Gain Control
* Remote Turn On/Off
* Hi/Lo Level Inputs
* Power On LED Indicator
* LED Protection Indicator
* S/N Ratio: >90dB
* THD: <0.4%
* Freq.Resp.: 10Hz-30k Hz
* Thermal, Overload Protection
* Short Circuit Protection

My subs are dual 4 ohm load. How would I wire the subs to my 2 channel amp, and what ohm does it have to be on the amp?

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+ it gives you more options as far as running different VC configurations either 2ohms stereo or 4ohms mono.

Since my amp says "2ohm stereo stable" does that mean my subs must be run at 2 ohms? How do I run 2 dual DVC 4 ohm subs at 2 ohms?

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If they are DVC 4 ohms each coil you run one sub off each channel. check out Dual+Voice+Coil+-+4+ohms+x+2&image.x=14&image.y=14 and use it as a guide.
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