How many channels of audio are on a CD


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So far I have a Rockford Fosgate P3001(300w rms rated, tested at 400w rms on birth sheet) driving my subs (two 12" Infinity 1230W, 300w rms each) and I recently bought an amp to boost my front door speakers in my 1988 Nissan extended cab. The deck I have only has rear pre-outs and I'm wondering if it will sound like crap if I just use the pass throughs on my p3001 to feed signal to my new amp. I realize this means I'll be feeding in the signals from the rear to the front speakers. there is just a pair of 6.5's in the doors of the truck.

I guess in my rambling way I'd like to know how many channels of audio a cd has. If it's only 2 then front and rear should be the same signal and the purpose of multiple pre-outs is just to ease installation of multiple amps, right?

My new amp is just a crappy little ESA I got off eBay to run for the time being. It has rca inputs as well as high levels but it didn't come with the wire harness to connect them.

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yes a CD is 2 channels of audio.
if you're using an MP3, it can eb encoded for up to 6 channels if the player can decode it, but I've not seen any for cars that can.
DVD is a bit different, but for CD yeah.. 2 channels, and 6 preouts on a head unit are just for front/rear (same signal) and subs, allowing for crossovers and fading.
it's more a control issue than it is separate signals.
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