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I have a jbl px300.4 amp and it has a continuously variable hp and lpf (32-320 Hz) . The problem is they are only labled as 32hz for the min. setting and 320hz for the max setting, so how do I find out the exact frequency i want to set it at? For example: I want to set my lpf at 60hz but 60 hz isnt labled. Is there a way to figure this out? like a math formula or something? Pardon me if this is a dumb"the answer is staring me in the face" question but its late and I'm tired heh. Thanks :-)

well...theres no other numbers inbetween the 32hz and 320hz?

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well i'm not glass or jon so i may have no business answering this dificult of a question...but look in the manual for the amp. Usually it has a table, number of clicks of the dial vs. actual cutoff point.

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you have 100Hz range between min and max.
half way would be 50 Hz)32Hz, or about 80Hz.
just divide up the circle and find the point you're looking for.
this barely qualifies as highschool geometry

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Anon- no, there arn't any other numbers

Scuba Steve- unfortunatley I had already looked in the manual and it wasnt any help, no charts or anything.

Glasswolf- I know(feeling abashed) its just I was so tired last night that I couldnt think straight and the answer (like catching a trout with your hands) kept slipping away.

Thanks to all who replied,
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