Please Help, amp is giving problem!!!!!!


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OK i have the power series amp from Rockford Phosgate, now when the volume is all the way down the subs hit gently, at ALL times, i have tried it with the car off thinking it was from the alternator, but it wasnt. Also, it worked fine yesterday after it gave the same problem the day before. What could it be? I have had the amp for 6 mopnths.

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Hey issac please help me out here. I cant think of what the problem might be, im thinking it could be a loose ground connection but the place taht wired it for me put it under the carpet so it is hard to reach and check. Any suggestions are appreciate. Thanx.

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are you saying when the volume is on 0 the sub still hits?

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it hits but very gently, and when i say gently i mean to have your hand on the sub and feeling it go back and forth.

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I have same problem. anyone else who has had this problem find a fix?? If so, please post what you did, this is very aggravating :-(
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