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Mtx or jbl??Matt1
Need slot ported box for brahma mkII 12"sean11
Comments on cerwin vega 15 vmax?Anonymous1
Raptor!johnny lemoine25
W00t! Sold them Fish/John/GlassGlassWolf2
Jonathan ? about a postJonathan2
Sub question reply please thanx in advanceOrlandoThomas3
How do you wire DVC coils into parallel or series?Chris7
1 thing ok about AudioBahnThatGuyYouKnow1
ROFL @ Circuit CityAnonymous28
Repairing a sub basketSteven2
Need some expert advice.AudioSubNoob1
Would like to know...Anonymous10
Please Help! Need help with chosing Subs.darryl fresh1
Can i get some opinions/help on the Kicker Solobarics L7's?Jonathan4
IDMAX underpoweringJonathan2
15" Apline SWR-1521D Damien Roberts4
Sub enclosurePat Lorenz2
Need Help with a Sub Enclosure!!??Jack Death1
Original Kicker TS numbersDave Musser8
I need more powerAlex Kintis7
Shiva or 12" L7sean3
Stop that RattlingGlassWolf2
Competition questionGlassWolf4
What type of BoxBadAzzBowtie1
I need to know what all these dots meanJonathan9
Can a brahma handle bp1200.1Jonathan13
Old School Kicker C12Ilvcml3
Making a ported BoxChris1
X.XXalex isbell5
What can you study to learn all the Car Audio stuff?Damien Roberts21
Need serious help !!!!!!!!Jeffrey D2
EXPERT oPINION !!!!!JayDub21
JL W7GlassWolf4
Dimming lights, will i be needing a dry cell battery before upgrade?GlassWolf6
Subsonic FilterGlassWolf2
Alpine vs Infinity SQ Jonathan4
Port tuning for my BrahmaJonathan2
Another eclipse questionJonathan2
Reference material...Elecgenius4
Best subJonathan16
Amp Help PLEASE!johnny lemoine9
Hooking up subs with 2 ohm voice coils ?Damien Rob.3
SQL?marshall white4
Were do i connect the speakers into? JBL 600.1Steven2
Subsonic Filtersean3
What subs should i get for my 2 JBL amps???matt775
Help on some subsmatt774
What 10" for Sq with decent Spl???Daniel Santos1
Inverted subwooferjohnny lemoine17
Will an IDmax 12" be OK in a 1.5 cuft ported box? (net volume)...sean3
One final question....sean7
NEW sOUND sTREAM aUDIO cONTROL!!!!!!!Elecgenius1
How do i wire my 2 subs 4ohm dual voice coil to a 1ohm stable ampjohnny lemoine3
All Wise, please helpjohnny lemoine11
What song is in this playing in the video clip?????johnny lemoine7
Ohms vs WattageGlassWolf3
Post your SPL Here!GlassWolf74
I have the subs, but no amp to power them with...helpGlassWolf13
Four 15's or Six 10'sRickey20
Will a bigger port area increase SPL???GlassWolf2
Flip side of polyfillryan thomas3
I need sub(s) for a JBL bp1200.1???dave-o2
X.x.xJeffrey D8
Does Port Length REALLY Matter?Braddon Calloway13
A little helpkoz7
Cerwin Vega V-Max 10" subs with JBL BP600.1 ampJonathan4
12'' vmax or 12'' w3v2frunjie slappity bin3
Need expert help..!!STONER2oo44
Down fire box in suvJonathan3
Wiring helpSTONER2oo44
How to Repar a spider on a sub.James4
Fiberglassing and Bondo??? HELP ME!!! glass, john, fishy, anyone!!!Jonathan6
Port sizesean2
Yet again!!! Fishy/Jonathan/GlasswolfJonathan33
Wheres the best place to put an amp?ThatGuyYouKnow16
Are running wires through your car easy?Damien Roberts24
JL w0's Subwoofers Amp QuestionGlassWolf2
What do es everyone think about tarantula subs?peter griffin1
NEW BRAHMAS!!!!!!oooooooh1
Making a box for 4 V-maxsGlassWolf3
JBL or EclipseDave Musser2
I need to build a systemAnonymous3
Cadeance AmplifiersMazdaMan4
Blown subsGlassWolf2
Firing subs into cabin vs. trunkBlownRiv12
RE Subs In the States?StanleyC7
JBL AmpsJonathan9
Got ported box, but spl sounds the sameJonathan13
Port in relation to volume of boxJonathan7
Looking to build a system.... Need suggestionsMazdaMan10
Do I have to take my subs out for winter?bilboooo18
Help with building a slot ported boxsean2
Can someone help with finding post on songs with basslines?Alias2
Running svc & dvc at sime timeFishy3
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