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I'm currently looking for some subs with more of a woofer sound rather then a sub. Don't get me wrong when i say that cuase i like to bump also.
I had some pioneer Impp's svc 12's in my s10 ext cab with infinite perfect 4x6 for da front and kenwood 4x10's ona premier 750mp deck. And the other nite it was taken by some ignorant person.
yet i have the deck + componet speakers still minus everything else.. I mostly listen to tool,floyd,clapton,some rap,etc.. the subs i had a freq response of 15-2.5k i wanting a sub that will have very good high response yet when i want to bump i wanna bump.. i usually run my amp on fullpass to my subs, i really dont care for the fake one note bass i prefer a range of bass, ie; the strokings of the bass guitar and i like to tell the difference of what drum he is hitting.. i recently purchased a boss pd-3000 amp so i dont think ill be lacking power..
700x2 rms @ 2 ohm it goes to 1 ohm stable 1500x2max

I have been looking at these

or these boston acoustics i been hearing good reviews about %26%26

Any suggestions? ill take all opionions.

On the specs of a sub does the freq reponse even matter i mean wont the sub still produce wut awoofer will or??

I dont want to end up with a sub that will only produce a bass note between 10-200 ...

I'd like to hear sum vocal from the sub.

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Username: Therainman

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well can anyone give some suggestions??
or there oponion?

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That pioneer sub looks pretty good, I havent heard anything bad about them.
But your amp is another story, Boss is not good, If you like it keep it but I dont think it puts out what it says it does. A fosgate or kicker or JBL would be nice.

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yea boss is way over rated i had one of there amps said 2500 but theres no way it pushed that much it was rated at 900 rms lol stupid POS i sold it to some dumb a$$ for 200 so if i was u sell it before u regret it
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