Fiberglassing and Bondo??? HELP ME!!! glass, john, fishy, anyone!!!


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i have seen on other forums that people fiberglass the insides of boxes and sometimes the outsides. i have seen enclosures made of fiberglass, but why do people fiberglass MDF enclosures???

would fiberglassing my 3 cu ft box inside and out help anything? all i can figure is that it would make the box very air-tight, is this all it wil do?

i was thinking about fiberglassing my box, i can get everything i need for like $15 at walmart.(a can of resin, hardener, and ~8 sq ft of fiberglass) and would it make my sub sound better if i do this?

also, if i use the fiberglass to "round" the inside corners of the box, would this have any positive effects on the sound of my sub?

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all the fiberglass does is make your box sound like 10 percent bigger. if you have 1 or 2 subs in a 3 cu ft box, then i dont think you really need to

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i'm not talking about using fiberglass insulation(or polyfil). i'm talking about using resin and fiberglass sheets.


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If i had to guess, it would be to make the inside of the box more round. Basically eliminating the angles in the box.

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yea, i know that it would make in insides rounded, but would it make my sub sound better?

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Not necessarily. Fiberglass itself resonates more than MDF does. However, when applied to MDF, the sheer weight dampens it and the fiberglass doesn't really add resonance. What it will do is, like said above, let you round off the box, and that cuts out on standing waves. Also, it strengthens the enclosure and seals it. As far as outside, it can do the same, but most people do it mostly for aesthetics as fiberglass can be made to look a lot better than MDF.
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